3D Printed Pistons Are Changing the Game

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Porsche is designing super light pistons which are only possible by means of 3D printing. These light pistons will add a claimed 30 horsepower, but how can something a simple as a piston add that much mo' powah babeh? And why does it require 3D printing?
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tihzho Pred 11 minutami
0:35 You ALMOST got your neon sign correct, but sorry, no cigar!
Good stuff I just subscribed.
jay majesty
jay majesty Pred uro
Damn think about it imagine covid during the " hey Tim you done with the community asswhiper can you pass it down it's john , wait can I use it before I hand it to you it's larry I'm right next to it " times
Lewis A.
Lewis A. Pred 3 urami
Looks like interesting stuff but narrator is too annoying.
Patrick Pred 4 urami
The company is called Parare GmbH
Jack Monger
Jack Monger Pred 4 urami
The bustling property morphologically answer because epoxy observationally squeal since a scandalous jury. phobic, accidental rooster
don whitmire
don whitmire Pred 4 urami
10 years Away? So Porsche knows combustion engines are not going to be replaced by green stuff? :)
Kentucky Ranger
Kentucky Ranger Pred 8 urami
I can see NASCAR teams paying to have these pistons made for their engines... LOL!
Lewis Garland
Lewis Garland Pred 8 urami
Printing pistons is going nowhere. 10 years from now only electric vehicles will be sold.
IIIRotor Pred 8 urami
he whom has the Inconel printer in the basement, wins every time....
TeamYankee2 Pred 10 urami
Electric is still faster....
Henry Tang
Henry Tang Pred 10 urami
I think 3D printed engine parts are really cool. But it could be too little too late - now that governments are banning petrol cars in the near future. Perhaps they'll print electric motors.
AnteConfig Pred 12 urami
ni9h7mar390 Pred 13 urami
People was like: We need pistons!! and there was this one guys who said"but we still wipe our butts with the community sponge.." "pistons are more important" !!!
Jordan Cook
Jordan Cook Pred 15 urami
I'll take a set for my gt350 😁
Nicholas Pinenn
Nicholas Pinenn Pred 15 urami
Give it to China and in a few months you'll see China's car have those piston.
ben reber
ben reber Pred 17 urami
This is freaking amazing. Huge power to weight gains. Just amazing. Good job Porsche.
bluesky Pred 21 uro
orrrrrr...... you could just go EV...
Navi Bhandaal
Navi Bhandaal Pred 23 urami
Next step 3d printed engine block
Cody Maxwell
Cody Maxwell Pred dnevom
more powa baby
Absaalookemensch Pred dnevom
Why buy an expensive $4,000 ceramic piston when you can buy a $4,000 ED printed piston.
Mihai Dragos
Mihai Dragos Pred dnevom
glad to see manufacturers are not giving up on petrol
Happy Undertaker
Happy Undertaker Pred dnevom
“If it’s not optimal, it’s broken!” All Germans.
Jo Soap
Jo Soap Pred dnevom
It’s hard to take a guy seriously when he’s wearing his baseball cap back to front.
Calin Florin
Calin Florin Pred dnevom
I own a city car so i don't care. My next car will be electric.
J Hunt
J Hunt Pred dnevom
Yeah, the million dollar car, no thanks.
HerptyDerp Pred dnevom
Can I call Porsche and have them make some for my 98 Silverado?
Max Runia
Max Runia Pred dnevom
You lost me at 10 years 😂
Eclipse Pred dnevom
Imagine doing this for apex seals in a rotary :) stops destroying them every time you turn the car on
Ausblack Pred dnevom
8:46 Why is Dan Auerbach testing an engine?
Anza Borrego
Anza Borrego Pred dnevom
Matthew Showalter
Matthew Showalter Pred 2 dnevi
Billions? Bro... you are so far off it makes me cringe. Try again
Muu Marlin
Muu Marlin Pred 2 dnevi
Dope episode!
saluki Pred 2 dnevi
but will my subarus still eat ringland #4 with these?
David Dean
David Dean Pred 2 dnevi
Having two lights in each eye is slightly spooky.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Pred dnevom
Me watching, oh shit that looks like pikes peak!
Leonardo Barbato
Leonardo Barbato Pred 2 dnevi
Hi Donut, I'm a designer. It isnt "bionic", it's biomimic that stands for biological mimic. In other words the mimic of biological structure.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Pred dnevom
company by 2035. We are just over 10 years away.
Hoot Owl
Hoot Owl Pred 2 dnevi
Yay. You said Por-shuh correctly.
Sam Iam
Sam Iam Pred 2 dnevi
I don't trust porsche, they only make money pit vehicles now.
Xen Uno
Xen Uno Pred 2 dnevi
Neat .. engineering overkill where traditional manufacturing methods and materials have not failed in actual use cases. Perfect for autophiles/audiophiles who can now exclaim "my car has 3D printed pistons!" along with "my amp's power transformer has pure silver windings!". This isn't an advance .. it's a technology demonstration ...
John David Dunson
John David Dunson Pred 2 dnevi
that gt2 rs is a beautiful car. also, what's the name of the AI video. i didn't see the video link. edit: nvm, i found it.
John David Dunson
John David Dunson Pred 2 dnevi
bandaids do kind of have a shelf life, because at some point the wrapper fails and lets air in to what is supposed to be a sterile environment. and not only is it no longer sterile, but that air also allows the bandaid material to grow brittle, especially if it's that plasticy type stuff, and the adhesive can weaken. i've seen all these things myself, so i know first hand that they do happen. and this was actual bandaid brand that the wrappers came apart from itself, inside of a little container.
Kalle Jodelbauer
Kalle Jodelbauer Pred 2 dnevi
Pistons you can get in graphite since 10 years, they had much better heat characteristics. If you have a old Car and cant find any Pistons,they make then in graphite and make more Horsepower.This 3 D Printing is good for Racingcars, with small Numbers.
Musk Reality
Musk Reality Pred 2 dnevi
The "save you money" part reminds me of the Mattress guy in Texas
Maxime Dur
Maxime Dur Pred 2 dnevi
Après 1'30, encore rien vu, j'abandonne...
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Pred 2 dnevi
"You wouldn't download a car..." Soon...
keinohrhasi79 Pred 2 dnevi
German Engineers are best Enegineers :)
Chill Pred 2 dnevi
1:27 very bold of you to assume that I own a car...
Jason Reviews TECH
Jason Reviews TECH Pred 2 dnevi
10 years away. By that time US will ban all gas vehicles. Cuz EV. BOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
David shanley
David shanley Pred 2 dnevi
Crazy gamble though, seeing that a ton of first world countries plan to ban the sale combustion driven vehicles. Several giants like GM is looking at being a sole electric car company by 2035. We are just over 10 years away.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Pred 2 dnevi
Awesome video. I learned a lot. Dig your sense of humor.
David shanley
David shanley Pred 2 dnevi
Me watching, oh shit that looks like pikes peak!
Suvijak Engr
Suvijak Engr Pred 2 dnevi
10 years !!! At that time we no need gas engine anymore. High capacity battery and high output motor are in general.
jj dosa
jj dosa Pred 3 dnevi
21000 rpm car up next?
N. Texas S.Oklahoma Jackpocket Killer
N. Texas S.Oklahoma Jackpocket Killer Pred 3 dnevi
Them Germans damn sure know how to build something that deals with extreme heat!!!!
johnny Full power
johnny Full power Pred 3 dnevi
World is moving to electric cars. Porsche is making pistons with a laser.
G Bix
G Bix Pred 3 dnevi
I can't see these being much use in electric vehicles.
september1683 Pred 3 dnevi
What is that "smoke" at 8:18 ?
wickedcabinboy Pred 3 dnevi
Nature does in fact "waste material when it produces a structure" (6:20). For an extreme example of this see the vagas or laryngeal nerve of a giraffe vs the human laryngeal nerve.
Doug Robinson
Doug Robinson Pred 3 dnevi
Creepy Crawlers have been around since the early 1960's. Incredibly easy to burn yourself with the old system.
Elijah Harper
Elijah Harper Pred 3 dnevi
Thank you for this fantastically produced and informative piece! More vids like this please 🙌 made my day
Rasmus Wahlstedt
Rasmus Wahlstedt Pred 3 dnevi
This is like a car show for 12-year olds or something? The new process is interesting, but the presentation is 11 minutes of cringe. But keep going. You seem to have quite a big audience.
MJW Pred 3 dnevi
I have 3D printed pistons in my warp drive.
High stage
High stage Pred 3 dnevi
Todd Speck
Todd Speck Pred 3 dnevi
Awesome video. I learned a lot. Dig your sense of humor.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Pred 3 dnevi
"You wouldn't download a car..." Soon...
Christian S
Christian S Pred 3 dnevi
10:08 Less than a decade away from release? I wonder if we will even see many gas powered cars by then or if this is going to transform into a trial for 30 printed cars. Either way really interesting
richard pingleton
richard pingleton Pred 4 dnevi
Lol the mattress Mac reference. SAVE YOU MONEY!!!
Andrew Saint
Andrew Saint Pred 4 dnevi
Great video.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Pred 3 dnevi
wait what precise piston cooling..this will revolutionize motoring
Surannhealz Pred 4 dnevi
Could 10-20% lighter correspond to same weight but more displacement? Like a high RPM 2.5L I4 or high rpm 4L V6? Combine that with pneumatic valves and you could have 300HP all motor I4’s straight off the showroom floor.
mudyman1 Pred 4 dnevi
Porsche already announced that they will go full electric except for the 911. Therefore I don't expect any big changes in the engine anymore. Maybe there will be a $400k special limited edition of 100 cars of the 911 with this pistons but I don't see it for mass production.
Reece Engineering
Reece Engineering Pred 4 dnevi
I like how this was presented in a format for 5 year olds who dont know engines. Wait. SIKE.
Some Guy
Some Guy Pred 4 dnevi
"Game changer!" "Reinvents!" All lies. All clickbait. Every time. Without fail.
David Loewen
David Loewen Pred 4 dnevi
I want to see Porsche 3D print a topologically optimized engine block to go with its pistons
itskarl1799 Pred 4 dnevi
SO>>>> Birdbone pistons! Got it. Sounds fun
Private Person
Private Person Pred 4 dnevi
Gets ro the point at 4:00. Still wordy after that
Necrodead Pred 4 dnevi
10 years? I bet you if you wanted you could design and print some lighter pistons right now. its just are you going to risk your engine like porsche did to test them?
Pbro Pred 4 dnevi
Superior electric car baterries are probably also less han 10 years away.
Sailing Terra
Sailing Terra Pred 4 dnevi
Not important. Electro will take away this market in near future
Canadian Swedie
Canadian Swedie Pred 4 dnevi
You said boys and girls, but you forgot to mention the other 250 genders!! How dare you?!?!
seemour butt
seemour butt Pred 4 dnevi
In Ten years time the world will be going crazy for electric cars.
Hector Keezy
Hector Keezy Pred 4 dnevi
I’m looking forward to the next Le Mans 24 hours. Go PORCHE. 🇩🇰🙋🏻‍♂️❤️
Cho Young
Cho Young Pred 4 dnevi
"Switch off a tree...hurts like a mofo" *Vietnam flashback insues* 😭
Gfx Grafix
Gfx Grafix Pred 4 dnevi
wait what precise piston cooling..this will revolutionize motoring
ATHUL ROY Pred 4 dnevi
But world is moving towards electric.. So why do we care about piston anymore 🤷‍♂️... But great work Porsche ⚡💥
Hugo Cheung
Hugo Cheung Pred 4 dnevi
what if i print the 572 out?
tisoy909 Pred 4 dnevi
German government voted to stop German auto makers from producing internal combustion engines by 2030. Less than a decade away.
Janosch Kladenz
Janosch Kladenz Pred 4 dnevi
im asking myself why this isnt practiced on every million dollar supercar in the last years?! you could order 3d printings of ceramic, aluminium and steel. not cheap, but existing. for example "protiq", ive seen em in a conrad brochure years ago.
Crysmatic Pred 5 dnevi
toh-poh is the correct Greek pronunciation, but it's commonly ta-pa. other than that a good video. and forged pistons have more slap because of the alloy they use, not because of the way they're made.
Alan Dike
Alan Dike Pred 5 dnevi
DLMS... not really that new... but thats kinda cool
PushyPawn Pred 5 dnevi
"TOE-PEOLOGICAL"... hmm, I must look that up.
togethia Pred 5 dnevi
I enjoyed this vid, but "a decade away", its too late, the party is over, electric has won.
Pasechnik Pred 5 dnevi
In 10 years we won't have combustion engines.... electric vehicles will kill them all....
Danner rrr
Danner rrr Pred 5 dnevi
10 years? are there even gonna be gas powered cars at that point?
Scott Kolaya
Scott Kolaya Pred 5 dnevi
10 years! That's like 3D printing a buggy whip to make a horse go faster. Porsche is still trying to eek every tiny bit of HP out to try to come back from their colossal ass whipping at Pike's Peak by an EV.
Firebrand Pred 5 dnevi
Awesome product... its manufacturing process sucks for economical mass production though. The rest of us will have to make do with traditionally cast items, poooooooh
unionse7en Pred 5 dnevi
F=ma baby!
unionse7en Pred 5 dnevi
horse and carriage, Fixed!
M owler
M owler Pred 5 dnevi
Why all the work for the piston? the ring is what does the work.
EvilJ069 Pred 5 dnevi
It's an engine, not a motor...
Jayhere Pred 5 dnevi
I have to admit, I'm skeptical. Micro welding together a complete piston. It wasn't a matter of additional costs dumped on top. Or extra, additional processes the engine needs to be spec'd through. To them it was, let's leap into the discovery of new ground. To boldly go where no one has gone before. All car manufacturers have had huge flops. So, leave it to the Porsche engineers to think outside of the box. With the invention of 3D printing, it was a matter of time. Whether it initially started out as an innocent question, making an engineer go, hmmm; or just advanced engineering creative genius...it doesn't matter. Heat is the number one killer of engines. Example. A 3208 (V8) Caterpillar diesel engine is typically rated @ 210-214 hp in farm, heavy equipment and truck use. But the marine (boat) version has huge water coolers on each side, allowing them to pull 814 hp from one engine. All from adding massive cooling. And In this application from Porsche, they've added cooling. pump settings. Well done, Porsche. Well done.
nop nop
nop nop Pred 5 dnevi
Not changing, still too expensive
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