Why These 4 Countries Produce the Most F1 Champs

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Drivers come from all over the world to compete in the most prestigious racing series on the planet: Formula 1. But which countries have produced the most champions? The answer may surprise you.
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Donut Media
Donut Media Pred 19 dnevi
2014 not 2012 😑
Sweet chocolates
Sweet chocolates Pred 3 dnevi
@EyesOfByes Nordic anyway. No need to be ashamed of Finland.
Fortitude Valance
Fortitude Valance Pred 4 dnevi
Imola is in San Marino not Italy.
Damians Underpants
Damians Underpants Pred 4 dnevi
He talks about the up and coming of Mick Schumacher. He should have mentioned George Russell, whose's been racing a while I know .....but in the right car, sooner or later he'll be a F1 champion.
Abdul Muizz Bin Shamil
Abdul Muizz Bin Shamil Pred 6 dnevi
Saved yer self
David Lee
David Lee Pred 7 dnevi
@ralepej Unfortunately unless Jimmy miraculously comes out of retirement and wins against much younger drivers, the records of the McRae family came to a stop, with the helicopter crash that killed Colin, his son,.and his son's friend☹️ I always used to enjoy watching the rallying on Saturday TV during the 80s and 90s.
Edgar Reyes
Edgar Reyes Pred 28 minutami
Thats funny England and North Carolina are about the same size
Jurbimus Perkules
Jurbimus Perkules Pred 40 minutami
On behalf of us Finns, Finland is not scandinavian, though we don't really care but we like pointing that out
Tomas Byers
Tomas Byers Pred 2 urami
Yes all the F1 content! While it doesn't always feel exciting to watch, I can't get enough of the drama & tech outside of the races
Lucas Pred 2 urami
You didn't even mention Piquet? He's a three time world champion!
MrLaughinggrass Pred 9 urami
His pronunciation of the drivers names is so off 😂
MrLaughinggrass Pred 9 urami
Alec Slezacek
Alec Slezacek Pred 10 urami
Make one about WRC and you will be even more surprised @Donut Media
Ville Juhlin
Ville Juhlin Pred 13 urami
What did he call Bottas?
Marcus Wardle
Marcus Wardle Pred 14 urami
Also helped that the U.K. built the first purpose-built motor racing track at Brooklands. Some of the banked track can still be seen when you are at Mercedes (the U.K. headquarters).
Marcus Wardle
Marcus Wardle Pred 14 urami
As I watch this from home the original McClaren garage is just around the corner from me. It’s pretty small!
Psychlops 924
Psychlops 924 Pred 18 urami
If America’s going to have an F1 Champion, my best bet right now would be Josef Newgarden. He’s won 2 of the last 4 championships (and just missed out on the 2020 title), and he’s won 23% of the races during that time. Dude is one of the best drivers in the world right now, and I would not be surprised to see a top F1 team try to poach him away from Roger Penske. Especially if Josef wins the Indy 500, I could that happening.
afeinkc Pred 21 uro
Argentina has won more titles than Finland :5 All by the GOAT Fangio Do your homework dude
jdockii Pred 21 uro
Why was Rosbergs face blurred out?
Ives Bustamante
Ives Bustamante Pred 22 urami
What about Fangio's Argentina... 5 times F1 champion.
Ana Pred 22 urami
I thought Brazil’s explanation was very valid, it makes a lot of sense (speaking as a Brazilian)
Kaléu Farias
Kaléu Farias Pred dnevom
Speaks about Brazil, proceeds to show only the favelas... We have such a beautiful country, is a shame that the foreigners "only know" the favelas.
Mateo Frara
Mateo Frara Pred dnevom
11:29 Americans in a nutshell...
Jose Daniel Marrero Falcon
Jose Daniel Marrero Falcon Pred dnevom
It's called football
Luiz Felipe Pereira
Luiz Felipe Pereira Pred dnevom
Brazil is the most passioned country in f1, wait to see when Pietro and Drugovich starts to race in f1
Leonardo Ramos
Leonardo Ramos Pred dnevom
You forgot Nelson Piquet, three times world champion (81, 83 and 87).
SIXITHS Pred dnevom
8:13 - Kimi, Seb and Jensen would disagree with you...
ByNiro05 Pred dnevom
spain has also very good drivers!
Just Another Honda
Just Another Honda Pred dnevom
More Formula 1 please!
Renato M
Renato M Pred dnevom
Where is Neslon Piquet????????
DaChaGee Pred dnevom
Nerd alert! Finland isn't Scandinavian!
Albin H
Albin H Pred dnevom
Finland a Scandinavian country..... Americans smh
Trippy Tube
Trippy Tube Pred dnevom
Every male driver in finland is so good becouse we start at a early age and usually at the dirt so we have lot of confidece driving on asphalt
Jules Vanhaelewijn
Jules Vanhaelewijn Pred dnevom
MCLAREN is acc from new zeeland
Ben Pred dnevom
dude, have some respect ! you cant choose the US statistics that fit your narrative. either you use the whole number of drivers and the ratio is terrible, or you use only those who did compete for the championship for a better ratio but then don't come and say the US is one of the 3 largest providers of drivers. it makes no sense!!!
Leon Pred dnevom
5:38 imagine not saying Jim Clark
Matti Kake
Matti Kake Pred dnevom
Hence the old motorsport mantra - if you want to win, employ a finn.
kwikcilva Pred dnevom
May I mention that Finland has one of if not the toughest requirements to get a driving license.
Raymond Umbara
Raymond Umbara Pred dnevom
Surely, the number of titles per country would be a better metric than number of champions
Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones Pred dnevom
Finland isn’t part of Scandinavia
Flavius Jardinis
Flavius Jardinis Pred dnevom
Why you didn't say a line about Piquet?
B M Pred dnevom
Never mind f1, how good are Deftones!
Murphy's Law NZ
Murphy's Law NZ Pred dnevom
McLaren is considered now a British team but It was started by Kiwi
Emmanuel De Ita
Emmanuel De Ita Pred dnevom
Kinda disappointed Nikki Lauda wasn’t mentioned seeing that he was stated to be a sort of mentor to Lewis Hamilton
Jonny B
Jonny B Pred 2 dnevi
Have youi heard of Jim Clark? He could drive a bit.
Dr. Electrician
Dr. Electrician Pred 2 dnevi
UK, Germany, Finland, Brazil
DJ Nekkid
DJ Nekkid Pred 2 dnevi
hey. Unless my math is off, you got 3 american drivers on the 2021 grid, heck, even on the 2020 grid. Albeit, they arent from the US...
PekkavsDragon Pred 2 dnevi
Nothing about Spain...
Naelson Simões
Naelson Simões Pred 2 dnevi
I'm Brazilian and we all hate Argentina, but no mention Fangio (and Piquet of course) was a SIN
Yeeter Spasticmus
Yeeter Spasticmus Pred 2 dnevi
I can't stop cracking up about how he said Bottas name
Bob P
Bob P Pred 2 dnevi
The Finnish secret is this: we are light in the brain but heavy on the foot
Johann Mattukat
Johann Mattukat Pred 2 dnevi
Am I hearing no one scream Germany Germany Germany!! Good Video btw
Kenny Lemaître
Kenny Lemaître Pred 2 dnevi
Hamilton's second world championship came in 2014, not 2012.
Smurffipappa_ Pred 2 dnevi
Im finnish
james m
james m Pred 2 dnevi
the Reason that Mercedes Did not F1 Championship from 1955 to 2014 was Le mans Crash of 1955 Which lead Mercedes Pull out of motor sport to 1980's and did Re-enter the F1 Grid until 2010 when Bought Brawn GP
Tijmen Boos
Tijmen Boos Pred 2 dnevi
7:08 in the subtitles: Carl Benz🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Hänno Blyat
Hänno Blyat Pred 2 dnevi
Austria also got 4 titles.
Atiqa Pred 2 dnevi
Wait... It was that big of a surprise that Finns have to drive on slippery road to get a drivers license? I would say it's a surprise if someone didn't have to do it, at least if you live in a country that can get cold, like US can too, but can't really say I'm surprised you don't have that in US :)
E.K. Pred 2 dnevi
Only an american can have difficulties finding Finnland on the map...
Nathaniel Offer
Nathaniel Offer Pred 2 dnevi
Australia has 4 world titles just saying
Reinaldo Maciel
Reinaldo Maciel Pred 2 dnevi
Não sei da onde os estrangeiros tiram que futebol é segunda religião no Brasil. Isso mudou muito nos últimos 20 anos. A verdade é que o Brasileiro não acredita em mais nada.
Hamzah Fazluddin
Hamzah Fazluddin Pred 2 dnevi
9:05 copyright universal
j de vries
j de vries Pred 2 dnevi
Wait until Max beats Finland!
LODMKI PTBR Pred 2 dnevi
Brazil has more titles, poles, victories and you ranked below Finland no way
Vic Nsi
Vic Nsi Pred 2 dnevi
🤦‍♂️big oops!!! no mention of Nelson? what am I missing? Anyway, great video Nolan. Excellently prepared and fabulously well presented.
SmartplaySPBR Pred 2 dnevi
You don't remember Nelson Piquet, three times Formula One Champion, driving for Brabham (1981/1983) and Williams (1987)
2WheelsFinn Pred 2 dnevi
Good one! 👍
Phil UK Net
Phil UK Net Pred 3 dnevi
Nigel Man-Sell?
Teo Virta
Teo Virta Pred 3 dnevi
Suomi mainuttu torilla tavataan 🇫🇮🇫🇮
pedro pontes
pedro pontes Pred 3 dnevi
Emerson Fittipaldi: 1972, 1974, Nelson Piquet: 1981, 1983, 1987Ayrton Senna: 1988, 1990-1991
pedro pontes
pedro pontes Pred 3 dnevi
Emerson Fittipaldi: 1972, 1974 .Champion
Ralph Solly
Ralph Solly Pred 3 dnevi
Mansell with TWO L’s not one
IsraelorfM先輩 Pred 3 dnevi
11:33 Finland is not Scandinavian
RBAirsoft Pred 3 dnevi
Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan!
Keith Richards
Keith Richards Pred 3 dnevi
In 10 years (1981 to 1991), Brazilian drivers conquered 6 WC. (PS: Piquet won the 2 last races of 1990 with a Benetton, Senna won the 4 first races of 1991, Piquet won the 5th race of 1991 with the Benetton). Emmo could achieve 1 or 2 more WC, but instead he chose to leave the McLaren and help his brother in the Brazilian team project - Coopersucar.
Prasan Perera
Prasan Perera Pred 3 dnevi
not even gonna finish this UK, Germany, Brazil and Finland, thank me later.
Björn Rahm
Björn Rahm Pred 3 dnevi
Love the t-shirt!
Ketsune23 Pred 3 dnevi
You will still miss interlagos since they want to move the race to the new circuit of Rio de Janeiro
CloakedPerv Pred 3 dnevi
Some of the best rally drivers are also from Finland :P
bu kwok
bu kwok Pred 3 dnevi
nico rosberg half fin by the right, finland champs percentage crazy high,podium percentage even high!
bu kwok
bu kwok Pred 3 dnevi
Finland i guess.
D’Aluidi Pred 3 dnevi
Man, your view about Brazil is sooooo wrong. Racing in Brazil starts on 50s when the major auto makers industry arrived to start the industrialization in the country. In that point of time, the races and drivers started to shine especially in races against Uruguay and Argentina. Pls, take out this favelas and people play football in the roads because it has absolutely nothing related with F1. And start to read about F1, we have several drivers and you just missed the 3 times championship of Nelson Piquet, one of most iconic drivers in his F1 time, in your comment....about champions, by the way. Look the videos about piquet x Manuel x Prost x Senna ....
Piotr Romanowski
Piotr Romanowski Pred 3 dnevi
It's easy Germany big coporations in automotive market (mercedes, bmw, vag), Italy- almoast the same, less corpos but more famous (Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maseratti), UK-media, the main stream of F1 is sending by media in UK. Its easier to promote your own driver. At start of your career corpos in germany will support their own driver, the same in Italy and very good marketing in UK. Proof? Why Albon was so long in Red Bull even they was able to swap one year erlier him and Gasly (who had better first half of 2019 than Albon 2020)? Because the main owner of Red Bull (the drink not the team) is from Thailand same as Albon. Thats it. Latest F1 champions always had big sponsor or was member of junior program. Proof? Alonso - Santander, Hamilton - McLaren junior, Vettel - BMW junior and Red Bull as sponsor. There will be always easier to find founder form your own country. We are talking about equality by human race, why not by nationality?
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Pred 3 dnevi
7:19 "Germany: where the first German grand prix was held" :D
Alexander Zhao
Alexander Zhao Pred 3 dnevi
Do something... Bottas
Jorge Anthony
Jorge Anthony Pred 3 dnevi
Actually Brazil has two hopes, not only Pietro. This second racer is Felipe Drugovich, I think Felipe has more chance than Pietro because he has a very rich family
Jose Perez
Jose Perez Pred 3 dnevi
Spain has the second best driver’s to champion ratio after Finland.
charlie shad
charlie shad Pred 3 dnevi
Fins are weird people. They’re not too social They’re not loud They’re tall (6ft+) They always sit one apart on public transport. They rarely chat to someone they don’t know. And their roads are amazing. I’m from the UK and the days when I would drive about the back roads of Finland tells me exactly why there are so many amazing Finnish rally drivers and normal drivers.
Aleksi Pennanen
Aleksi Pennanen Pred 3 dnevi
Räikkönen is da best!!! Prkle!
Klein GM
Klein GM Pred 3 dnevi
You forgot Nelson Piquet, Brazilian driver and 3 times World Champion
Franklin Latorre Díaz
Franklin Latorre Díaz Pred 3 dnevi
What about Southafrica and Spain ratios?
Jonky98 Pred 3 dnevi
You think their F1 drivers are successful you should see there rally drivers success I think most everywhere else Finland is most famous for their rally world champions Markku Alén Ari Vatanen Hannu Mikkola Timo Salonen Juha Kankkunen Tommi Mäkinen Marcus Grönholm That's 7 World Champions
VISION GAMER Pred 3 dnevi
No mention of jim Clark Graham hill or Damon hill shocking.
Roel Siebrand
Roel Siebrand Pred 3 dnevi
Many, many mistakes and omissions in this story.
Michael Lites
Michael Lites Pred 3 dnevi
Great job. While I knew these stats, you did a good job illustrating it.
Alan Cavalcanti
Alan Cavalcanti Pred 3 dnevi
Why didn't you talk about Nelson Piquet?🤔 He was awesome too.
Ramses Pred 4 dnevi
the way he pronounced some of these names just shows how little he watches lol
Elisha Jesudason
Elisha Jesudason Pred 4 dnevi
Sure you're a F1 fan? Mercedes pulled out for decades. It wasn't a slump. Also you're not pronouncing racers names right!
Marcelo Figueiredo
Marcelo Figueiredo Pred 4 dnevi
What about Nelson Piquet? # times world champ....
Thiago Tamelini
Thiago Tamelini Pred 4 dnevi
God save Piquet............always underestimated
Imhotep222 Pred 4 dnevi
Wow, that map at 5:18 got the location of literally every team wrong.
wantangbob Pred dnevom
I could drive to any one of 4 of the teams from my house within 30 minutes. Aston Martin are about 6½ miles away by car, closer as the crow flies, but I have to go around Silverstone circuit. Red Bull are 9 miles away, Mercedes are 11 miles and Haas 24 miles
Michael Leung
Michael Leung Pred 4 dnevi
The real secret. They have a greater number of wealthy individuals, so a wider cohort of talent of whom are rich enough to fulfill their talent in racing.
Soccer Manager Italia
Soccer Manager Italia Pred 4 dnevi
Farina fist F1 Champion was Italian
inane. Pred 4 dnevi
someone who knows that New Mexico exists 😭 good job Donut Media team
Alexander Ting
Alexander Ting Pred 4 dnevi
U dint mention about Nikki Lauda!!!!!
Luiz Gustavo
Luiz Gustavo Pred 4 dnevi
i'll not give a like, because you didn't told abou the most espectacular brazilian driver: Piquet! Alright just kiding haha. amazing work bro! Have my like
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