8 DIY Project Cars Faster than a Hellcat

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Dodge’s Hellcat powered lineup has set the standard for straight line speed. But what if you want to go faster than a Hellcat… without paying the big bucks for Hellcat? We came up with 7 theoretical project cars that we think could smoke a Hellcat Challenger in the quarter mile, and they’re all under $15k. We’re not saying they’re GREAT cars… we’re just saying they’d beat a Hellcat. Probably. This is the D-List!
Thank you to Diymike for sharing his Civic footage with us! Link to his channel: slpost.info/video/FbuK0pV2qbQqHGVXFeLGIQ
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Donut Media
Donut Media Pred mesecem
Btw we saw that another channel posted a similar video this week, but before anyone asks, it’s actually because James hacked into their server and stole the idea along with their Runescape gold Just kidding, we usually shoot our videos at least 6 weeks in advance and filmed this all the way back in December. What would your DIY Hellcat Beater be?
ethan gray
ethan gray Pred 6 dnevi
I am working on this.....in my head
TechnoR Pred 10 dnevi
@The Fire Shop yea you can smoke most stuff on the road, CAUSE IT FUCKING HAS A 427 WITH 2 TSUNAMI TURBINES
The Fire Shop
The Fire Shop Pred 11 dnevi
My 94 short bed single cab F150 with a 351 stroked out to a 427 and twin turbos... that would blow the doors off most anything on the road and still have money left over from the $15k budget... but i had also picked up my 94 for $450
TechnoR Pred 15 dnevi
nothing cause I'm 13 and have 60 euros
Cody Koren
Cody Koren Pred 18 dnevi
Meet me in edge w352
Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin Pred 6 urami
When you said "that's not the only K on this list," I thought you were talking about VW's 07k 5-cylinder engine. Half a Lambo V10, it makes 170 HP stock and does a pretty good job of handling aftermaket upgrades. Sounds cool as hell, too. These are a really popular swap with the 944 crowd, and I plan on putting one in my '91 Jetta. With a turbo. Because I'd love about 400 HP in that car.
Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin Pred 6 urami
I disagree that you're going to run 10's in a DSM for under $10k. Just finding one that is unmolested is hard enough. Then, assuming you don't even touch the engine internally, you're going to need injectors, ECU, turbo, exhaust, cams, suspension parts, a boost gauge (because the stock one is useless), intercooler with piping and BOV (unless you modify the stock one, and NO DON'T EVER CRUSH THAT THING BECAUSE YOU'RE JUST GOING TO RUIN IT), and potentially some kind of ignition upgrade. There's probably a few more things I'm forgetting. The point being, if you really shop around and pay budget prices, you might just squeak in at under $10k but it's going to be tough to pull off. And then there's the elephant in the room: you haven't even touched the transmission. If you've got AWD, you're going to break that thing before you ever see a 10-second pass. I broke mine just by shifting briskly into third gear while driving home, and I was nowhere near at the power level required for a 10-second pass. The transmission is the Achilles' heel of the DSM, so you're going to want to allocate at least 3 grand towards making it handle all of that power. And the shifter mechanism is sloppy as hell, too, so don't forget the bushings and short-shift kit. I ran 11.91 @ 115 MPH on a tiny little small 16g turbo in my 2G GSX. I probably had close to, if not more than, $10k just in parts on the car altogether. Sure, I would have gone a lot faster with a larger turbo, but I daily drove my car and I really liked the way the small 16g worked on the street, and the idea was to incrementally upgrade the power as I could. And that larger turbo would have cost triple what I paid for the 16g. Now, if I really wanted to beat a Hellcat down the drag strip, I probably would choose a DSM without a doubt, because parts are so plentiful, relatively cheap, and they're easy as hell to modify. You definitely DON'T need to crack the engine open to run 10's, and transmission aside, everything is basically just bolt-ons. But I'd be very skeptical of anyone claiming to achieve this on the cheap. You're just not going to do it for less than 10 grand without breaking the shit out of something important. Edit: The Camaro is not a bad choice. However, none of the people I knew who had powerful ones had any idea of how to properly drive it down the track. I suppose the Hellcat faces the same problem, but hooking up in an AWD DSM is stupid simple. My method: rev the engine to 7500 RPM and dump the clutch. Speaking of which, I forgot to mention the clutch previously. Mine was an ACT 2600 with a full-face street disk. That clutch took everything I threw at it. The car would slide a bit with all 4 wheels spinning before shooting out of the hole. Good enough for a 1.69 60-ft.
Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin Pred 7 urami
You're not going to find a Metro/Swift chassis in decent enough condition to handle that engine for less than 2 grand. These things aren't as cheap as you think they are, in part because they've gained popularity due to being cheap and getting great gas mileage (with a few mods and some careful driving it's not hard to get 55 MPG out of one of these cars). They're also actually quite a bit fun to drive when equipped with a manual transmission. I know this is going to sound crazy, but they don't build cars like these anymore (primarily because of safety regulations that have made cars larger and heavier). It's like a go kart on wheels. I had a '91 Metro convertible and an '89 Swift GTi (also a 1.3L 4-pot, with nearly double the horsepower of the Metro at 100 hp). They were a ton of fun to drive and I wouldn't hesitate to own either one of them again, providing I could actually find one in good condition for a reasonable price. There's a decent selection of aftermarket parts available (yes even for the 3-cylinder engine), and if you're lucky, you could snag one of the turbo 3-pots, but those are usually in the older chassis cars like the Chevy Sprint, or the Pontiac Firefly. There was a guy back in the day who bolted up a giant Whipple to the 3-cylinder engine and turned his Metro into a land speed record car. It was pretty cool. I forget how much power it made (LOTS more than stock) or how fast it went (I think it was around 155 MPH or so), but it was a really awesome car.
MaGZ KaRmA Pred 20 urami
and I quote, "Gap his Mopar ass," literally dying
Bike Life Hawaii
Bike Life Hawaii Pred 21 uro
I really like his humor I could watch him all day 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Jon Maready
Jon Maready Pred dnevom
Honestly this video is complete 🧢. None of those builds are smoking a hellcat and some probably aren’t even under 15k
SamPNW Pred dnevom
Pay my man a real wage!
Tyler Surprenant
Tyler Surprenant Pred dnevom
But these are all crazy modified and the hellcat is doing what it does stock........
Spherz Pred dnevom
1. Not to mention the hayabusa isn’t turboed so you can get about 300HP with that
DÅN Pred dnevom
For some reason the algorithm brought me here, the cringe of the delivery in the video made me leave.
Rentless f
Rentless f Pred dnevom
In the thumbnail is an eclipse. I click finally a man of good taste
Cuz Crip
Cuz Crip Pred 2 dnevi
Almost 4 min in and im pretty sure spray is what youre gonna say
Slap Woods
Slap Woods Pred 2 dnevi
to the face we now using hellcats to compare how fast something is make me like them more 💯
Slap Woods
Slap Woods Pred 2 dnevi
and u cant drive that civic on the road where u would most likely find a hellcat
Brian Martin
Brian Martin Pred 2 dnevi
$3000 for an S10! I bought 4 mint S10s for all under $500 each a few years back
Weldopedia Pred 2 dnevi
10:13 i thought you were gonna go the "typhoon" route
Mason Morgan
Mason Morgan Pred 2 dnevi
i saw a local towing yard selling a running and driving geo metro for $300
lucahoganYT Pred 2 dnevi
"Imagine taking your Arctic Cat to a drag strip" I'm a snowmobile enthusiast and that's actually a BRP Ski-doo lol. And ya I've done more snow drag races on those but they're still stupid quick on tarmac. Like Yamaha's Sidewinder, it uses a one litre turbo 3 cylinder or 1.1 litre 3 cylinder and those things can make upwards of 300 horsepower with just an ECU. My neighbour has one, but it's a mountain snowmobile for deep snow, but he races it in snow and that thing is a beast. I have a Ski-doo 600RS which uses a 600ccc2 stroke engine. Mine is a snocross sled though (racing on a circuit with jumps) Glad to see someone from the car community acknowledge the power of snowmobiles!
Curtis Bull
Curtis Bull Pred 3 dnevi
Good list but IMO you should have included a ls swapped mazda rx8.
Eberle Luke
Eberle Luke Pred 4 dnevi
The obedient microwave especially cure because governor alarmingly lock without a grotesque april. nimble, cuddly nose
Tinyzeus Jr
Tinyzeus Jr Pred 4 dnevi
My new fav show!😂
William R.
William R. Pred 4 dnevi
Talkin all that stuff an hes standing infront of his hellcat 🤣🤣
Darius Barnard
Darius Barnard Pred 5 dnevi
Classic mini with a hayabusa engine lol
Duke Pred 5 dnevi
My favorite part was when he went *BLEEP*
Owen Storm
Owen Storm Pred 5 dnevi
I think a good one he missed was the crown Vic their Hella cheap their rwd they have a v8 they can be easily worked on and if you have a Windsor engine their next to bulletproof
Darksaige Pred 6 dnevi
Bought my 94 eclipse for $500 in 05 and 3 years later that car would sell for $1500 and up
Speed Injection
Speed Injection Pred 6 dnevi
Fox body duh
Dave Mathers
Dave Mathers Pred 6 dnevi
Bogus. Its waaay easier n cheaper if you put yer mind to it.
eamonia Pred 6 dnevi
I could understand why this guy acts like such a doofus if this channel geared toward 13 year olds but dude, come on. This is literally unwatchable.
XjapXhatchXoneX Pred 6 dnevi
Take the lip guards off
ThatAsianGuy Pred 6 dnevi
Bro I straight up thought my phone was vibrating at the start
Stanley Patrickson
Stanley Patrickson Pred 7 dnevi
The snobbish polish complementarily snore because part connolly replace following a narrow place. alike, adhesive temperature
Wyatt Katz
Wyatt Katz Pred 7 dnevi
Interior picture was a Durango not a challenger
Andrew Burke
Andrew Burke Pred 7 dnevi
If this guy owns or has anything to do with this almost 5 million subscriber channel. And with the other stuff he currently has going on, I find it difficult to believe that he cannot afford a Hellcat or Demon.
Devon McCarty
Devon McCarty Pred 7 dnevi
Hell yeah nothin screams amurica then goin down to ur local Walmart and buying a fuckin Chevy Ls brother kick ass
Gerald Scott
Gerald Scott Pred 7 dnevi
I have a Crown Vic that's faster (and lighter) than a Hellcat. And it's not even a P71. Under $15K. Oh, and I almost forgot. It has TIRES too. 6 inch sidewalls on 16" wheels. And, it's a daily driver. Not a one shot wonder. Was dynoed at 680+ rwhp.
Tatsuhiro Satou
Tatsuhiro Satou Pred 7 dnevi
An original beetle will also take a chevy 454 big block with some mods.
Tatsuhiro Satou
Tatsuhiro Satou Pred 7 dnevi
You can get upto 1500hp out of a big block crown vic on a budget if longevity isn't a factor.
direwolf1972 Pred 7 dnevi
Worst donut video I've seen. I was looking for someone to try these. Not just toss around hypothetical. A duck hawk (literally an animal) can dive at 200mph. All you gotta do is do a rolling 1/4 mile of one pulling out of a dive to beat a Hellcat.... yeah thats how dumb this video is. I'm now comparing birds to cars.
Cool Milk
Cool Milk Pred 7 dnevi
I want a suzki 🏍🏍🏍🏍👉👈
Chris Bearce
Chris Bearce Pred 8 dnevi
A the dodge deamon and hellcat are the most modern day failures of a car ,barly handle beter than cars that are older than me and I'm 35, hell slapp raidial tires on 1960,s cars and they would most likely perform beter in the handling department, car ain't werth squat if it fails to 95% of the time, roeling start or 1/4 mile will get beet by the c8, if the track is not perept , so you have to prep a track for a car to perform, shatttty
Woah Woah
Woah Woah Pred 9 dnevi
Should I wait to get a V8 for my 2008 mustang to make it a drag!
Lyndon Tarrant
Lyndon Tarrant Pred 9 dnevi
my stock 2011 skidoo 800 tnt mxz can go to 0-60 in around 3 seconds
Lugzy Segal
Lugzy Segal Pred 9 dnevi
As far as the vw it would be worth it to get a older Porsche motor and transaxle then the subaruau
Cody Hahn
Cody Hahn Pred 10 dnevi
Those sleds are no joke. I had an old one grown up and it took about 2 seconds to get to 80 mph. Pretty scary haha
Omar Khan
Omar Khan Pred 10 dnevi
imagine getting gapped by a snowmobile and what if the snowmobile flips?
Budo Bašović
Budo Bašović Pred 10 dnevi
Wait, Mitsubishi Eclipse ugly?! What?
wow bam
wow bam Pred 11 dnevi
"I have a Dodge tattoo and ive never even owned a Dodge" Bro that had me laughing hard as fuck 😂
TheGofercat77 Pred 11 dnevi
Just buy a sport bike. It will always win.
sc73aschenbrenner Aschenbrenner
sc73aschenbrenner Aschenbrenner Pred 11 dnevi
Fox Body
Kid Goku
Kid Goku Pred 11 dnevi
how is ythis little... baby boy goinna beat a HELLCAT?
Stephen Alexander
Stephen Alexander Pred 12 dnevi
Never a word about the “terminators”
Daniel Morrison
Daniel Morrison Pred 12 dnevi
Surely everybody knows the fastest cars are hire cars 🙄🤷‍♂️
Chris Lack
Chris Lack Pred 12 dnevi
I out sixty-footed the snot out of a hellcat in my megasquirted, cummins diesel 280zx. Then 2/3 through second gear he caught me and I got to watch him walk away from me in third gear. Still, it was a good time.
Neo Pred 12 dnevi
hold up Hitler was involved in making the bug? :D what
Note Pad
Note Pad Pred 12 dnevi
also a 2.4litre crv because k24
Roberto Olvera
Roberto Olvera Pred 12 dnevi
You guys are awesome!! I love dis channel !!!
Skeeter Ahumada
Skeeter Ahumada Pred 13 dnevi
Do you change the front to wheels?
Adam Korn
Adam Korn Pred 13 dnevi
Please do a Ramcharger video
Mike Angelo
Mike Angelo Pred 13 dnevi
Jason on the snowmobile VS the Hellcat! Make it happen!
Maddox Maddox
Maddox Maddox Pred 13 dnevi
Hahahahahaha geo metro sold for 709$ my golf gti 2 sold for 2000$
SkaterKid406 Pred 13 dnevi
I got to the part where they said honda civic, then i left.
joker reyes
joker reyes Pred 14 dnevi
What about the 97biuck riviera supercharged u think it would have a chance to beat the hell cat ?
Happy Dude
Happy Dude Pred 14 dnevi
He put the S-10 on the list... Now I'm a subscriber
Clay Trendell
Clay Trendell Pred 14 dnevi
Bring y’all your hell cats. You can choose which taillights you want to see. Twin turbo g35 or the twin turbo Supra. Bring 10,000 and you can choose.
Kasper Hansen
Kasper Hansen Pred 14 dnevi
BMW E36 and E46?
macario111 Pred 15 dnevi
Where on earth can I buy an MR2 for $3k
Danny McCarty
Danny McCarty Pred 15 dnevi
After watching this...I'd bet the "likes" came from stupid people. Stupid people who are easily intertained by nonesense. People with dirty fingernails, see this video for what it is. Drivel, pure drivel!
Tucker Waldrip
Tucker Waldrip Pred 15 dnevi
Da fuq?! How you got a Civic at 3k?! I've never spent more than 1500 for a running civic, but if you're swapping in a K20, you don't need a running car, so 200-500.
Nick Osborne
Nick Osborne Pred 16 dnevi
more s10 videos🙏🏽
Heffe Dirte
Heffe Dirte Pred 16 dnevi
Reyes K1ng
Reyes K1ng Pred 16 dnevi
Best choice: what you drive when ur wife in labor
AWMIGHTY Pred 16 dnevi
But still not as cool
MrBakedDaily Pred 17 dnevi
Can't afford s hellcat pfft.
jalen yellock
jalen yellock Pred 17 dnevi
Dsm big turbo slick and awd Transfercase has left the chat
Trent Shepard
Trent Shepard Pred 18 dnevi
Why do people hate hellcats so much 😂
Kester Gascoyne
Kester Gascoyne Pred 18 dnevi
Now I cant afford a hellcat Lol
Valerie Costello
Valerie Costello Pred 18 dnevi
I was the 50k likelmaoaoa 👍👍👍👍
BimboWest Pred 18 dnevi
I love my catfish 🥲
Paul King
Paul King Pred 18 dnevi
"Youve only gotta win this race and you get your son back" baby boy. Choice!
U.S. DIRTNECK Pred 18 dnevi
Sixth Lord
Sixth Lord Pred 18 dnevi
It has...direct port nitrous injection, stand alone fuel management system, naws fogger system, chrome polished muffler bearings, air to water blinker fluid cooler, and riveted floorplans...
Sixth Lord
Sixth Lord Pred 18 dnevi
Same goes for a civic...ya know, I'm gonna just go back to ignoring donut videos... most of em are just explaining shit I learned before I even had a license. This is just stupid.
Sixth Lord
Sixth Lord Pred 18 dnevi
You're not putting a busa engine in a geo for 15k... Materials alone probably, if you can everything yourself. And I mean everything, suspension, driveshafts, some type of axle to drive it. Cause front wheel drive ain't gonna do it, if that's what you were somehow thinking. This is definitely somebody who knows fuckall about really building a car, just using weight and horsepower to bench race a hellcat...
Screwdriver440 Pred 19 dnevi
Shoppingcart: $0.25 Sidewinder missile: $14,999.75 Death: g-force
Ron Slayton
Ron Slayton Pred 19 dnevi
Buy Hellcrate. Put in old pre-1980 Plymouth or Dodge. Bingo - Hellcat afforded.
Ray P
Ray P Pred 19 dnevi
Cheapest way to beat a hellcat: buy any clapped out liter bike and go ham.
Derealized Pred 19 dnevi
I just parked next to an old geo metro earlier today. At a dollar general. Everyone hates them until gas is back up to over $4 a gallon then you can't find them anywhere, and mopeds are at least twice what they normally cost. It's like xbox or ps5 right now. Supply and demand sucks unless you're the supplier.
Frank Murdock
Frank Murdock Pred 20 dnevi
I could not stand this CLOWN . If your serious about talking about up grading your "CHEAP SLEEPER" fine...but your attempt at humor is sadly only a distraction and funny only to 13 year old's struggling to escape the 4th grade.
Khannell Pred 20 dnevi
Swap the Geo Metro with a supercharger’d series 2 3800 that’s already mated to a 4T60HD transmission and throw it in the back instead of the front for roughly $5,000 and 225ish HP
izfitz_ Pred 20 dnevi
My goal in life is to get my car paid off, engine swap my Altima and gap some challengers
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Pred 20 dnevi
A turbo honda can go faster than an hellcat cause thoose dodges are heavy as fuck
DaddytechEnt Pred 20 dnevi
*Porsche 918 with an evo motor, bigger turbo, bigger injectors, suspension upgrades (shocks, rims and tires) it's mid engine also but called "the poor man's porsche" ALSO an triumph TR7 with a boosted LS in it would do the trick, a mini cooper with a turbski on a LS 4.7L or a Honda S2000 with a super charged accord V6 in it or for that matter an MR2 with a 2JZ in it maxed out with a huge turbo or two those last ones might come in a little over budget but the others should still be well within range. also a Cadillac CTS swapped with an LS3 Would also do the trick. LOTS of options if you're brave enough to try*
Joshua J Day
Joshua J Day Pred 21 dnevom
This dude is fucking intolerable.
bruh bruhbruh
bruh bruhbruh Pred 22 dnevi
haven't seen an awd dsm for sale in ages
Z Judah
Z Judah Pred 22 dnevi
Anthony Callahan
Anthony Callahan Pred 22 dnevi
still dont unstand why dodge named it hellcat?
How Too And Hope
How Too And Hope Pred 22 dnevi
700r4 can only handle 300 horse my truck with 250 horse blows tree them like nothing so I rebuilt it with better clutch’s to handle 500 horse with a shift kit better go with a 4l80 there stronger
apricity Pred 22 dnevi
Why are there no Donut media decals on the black plastic trim around the pop up headlights on BoostedBoiz MR2? Did you forget to mail the decals?
steve conner
steve conner Pred 22 dnevi
Built g body will be a good choice
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