The Dumbest Lines from EVERY Fast & Furious Movie

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We love the Fast & Furious movies, but we have to admit they don’t have the best writing. We compiled the dumbest lines from every movie in the franchise and ranked them to determine the cringiest movie in the Fast & Furious universe. Put on your funderwear, this is the D-List!
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Donut Media
Donut Media Pred mesecem
There are so many lines we couldn't fit in this video! What's your favorite quote that we missed?
Juanangel Castillo
Juanangel Castillo Pred 17 urami
If the Subaru cant do it we’ll need a invisible car
Nathan Hernandez
Nathan Hernandez Pred 20 urami
I don't know i've only seen the first 3 movies
Lakeside motorsports
Lakeside motorsports Pred dnevom
@bob cat it wasn't cars... it was 4 speed granny transmissions like the np435
bob cat
bob cat Pred dnevom
old cars you would have to push the clutch in then get the car out of gear then let it out and push it in again for it to not grind sometimes ...thats where double clutching cam from....but i dont know way you would want to do that ...makes you slower
bob cat
bob cat Pred dnevom
you dident say anything about the pink car girl saying "smack that ass " when she jumps the bridge ....are you kidding me that an 11
chakowe Pred 6 urami
Vin diesel kinda looks like billy corgan as well...
Nico Coombs
Nico Coombs Pred 10 urami
Have you ever heard of DEFCON? They demonstrate how to hack cctv cameras and street lights etc. “We know this is impossible” @4:50... well, I’d recommend you look at a few more videos about hacking...
Jorel playz
Jorel playz Pred 12 urami
5000hp will be a freaking bomb !!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jani Palonen
Jani Palonen Pred 13 urami
Love when they say the go kart's sounded like a turbo diesel's and fast forward a little bit and luke evans is describing how a spark plug went bad on his "go kart" 😂
VERY OKAY Pred 13 urami
The lady in the background is killing me hahahaha. She has a very infectious laugh I like it
viewofascene Pred 14 urami
Who tf subtitled this vid 😂
od Pred 15 urami
If you do this for Hobbs and Shaw, be prepared to do the entire movie.
Craig Prosser
Craig Prosser Pred 17 urami
I’m fucking weak 🤣🤣🤣
Krishnendu Naskar
Krishnendu Naskar Pred 17 urami
helix sleep .com, lol, all you are doing is asking peoples to sleep while they work. fkin moneymakers.
Krishnendu Naskar
Krishnendu Naskar Pred 17 urami
you are gay
Nathan Hernandez
Nathan Hernandez Pred 20 urami
Nitorus is not cigars.
Jay River
Jay River Pred 20 urami
It’s funny to see how PC culture has changed the way we feel about old lines
Earthnutzz Pred dnevom
the scooby do one is incredibly bad, a solid 10 imo
FlurryDoesStuff Pred dnevom
Is it sad that I understand what 'Granny shifting not double clutching like you should' means?
Prfctdrk Pred dnevom
I mean, if you've driven a stick shift, you'll ruin your transmission if you "granny shift", rather than clutch-shift-clutch. So, that removes the inaccuracies of the line, because most "cringy" lines from F&F movies are semi-inaccurate. All that's left is the delivery? And as they said in this video, it used to be cringy now it's "culture". So I have to go with the colloquialism "cuz" that Brian dropped, rather than Dom's Granny-shifting comment honestly. Anybody else?
Brandon Warren
Brandon Warren Pred dnevom
I will never listen to another ep that has that loud, cackling fuckin twit in the background again
omz31 Pred dnevom
Soooooo, “I live my life a quarter mile at a time” didn’t make the cut for f&f1?!? That was THEEEEE corniest line in the whole movie....”a quarter mile at a time”?? The hell does that even mean?!? 😂😭🤷🏽‍♂️
Dash8Productions Pred dnevom
Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks Pred dnevom
Never seen one of the fast and furious, been a car guy for ages tho lmfao
Thom Stackhouse
Thom Stackhouse Pred dnevom
Where is "you never had me, you never had your car"???
Matty Pred dnevom
i've always though that something looks odd about that shot that vin diesel says 'the street always wins' like can you tell that he's on a green screen or something made every worse from the bad line and this is coming from an avid fan of the entire franchise
ɴᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ sᴇᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ
ɴᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ sᴇᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ Pred dnevom
Randy Trejo
Randy Trejo Pred dnevom
I had a dream Vin Diesel helped me move into my dorms freshman year of college.
Kevin Pred dnevom
I haven't even watched it yet and I commend you for this video. Someone had to make it.
2003evodave Pred dnevom
LOL,,,,I see there are 3.4K kids who disagree with your dissing all these idiotic so called car movies. (Which actually more like Saturday morning cartoons)
Christopher Lueckenhoff
Christopher Lueckenhoff Pred dnevom
lol yall made it seem like "Granny shifting" and "double clutching" are completely made up terms and not just terms that were used in the wrong context.
Cosmo Martinez
Cosmo Martinez Pred dnevom
morgan sherban
morgan sherban Pred dnevom
isnt granny shifting skipping gears
AmamMcMam Pred dnevom
Hey man he was in my face *I'M IN YOUR FACE!*
Diego Leija
Diego Leija Pred dnevom
The exciting exclusive specialist conservatively knock because date relatively remove amid a bustling grandmother. cooing, friendly pot
Kevin Armstrong
Kevin Armstrong Pred 2 dnevi
You guy are awesome but are way off.
Ashley Wilson
Ashley Wilson Pred 2 dnevi
I know it's hard work to cram all movies into this list, but honestly you could have filled the entire 32 minutes with quotes from just the first two films, no, in fact just the first film. From "MoTec exhaust system" to "I live my life a quarter mile at a time" oh and the only line that makes me remember that Ja Rule made an appearance "Noooo, Monicaaaaa". The first film had it all. The "Street's closed pizza boy, find another way home... Goddamn streetracers" is another moment that deserves to be on the list. Too many to list man.
Ryan Foltz
Ryan Foltz Pred 2 dnevi
"You can have any brew in the long as it's a Corona."
SnipsBBX Pred 2 dnevi
*I said forget about it cuh*
PS2 - PC - МК
PS2 - PC - МК Pred 2 dnevi
this channel is the most hatters to fast and furious series every aspect of movie they want to breakdown what is this if u took all hollywood movies u will find mistakes and unreal thing.
PS2 - PC - МК
PS2 - PC - МК Pred 2 dnevi
i want to ask Donut Media why hate so much fast and furious ? where is the problem ? maybe last few movies they dissapointed me but they are amaizing movies in global aspect
Vedat Emre Ciger
Vedat Emre Ciger Pred 2 dnevi
the hypersport those exisist but no one wants to rizk getting it destroyed
Ya. Mwisho
Ya. Mwisho Pred 2 dnevi
That lady’s laugh in the background warms my cold heart. It’s very genuine.
Tim Deaton
Tim Deaton Pred 2 dnevi
I love cars, but I have never been able to watch one of these movies in its entirety. That they have become a cultural phenomenon amazes me.
STYLES: Conejo VS SillyCon
STYLES: Conejo VS SillyCon Pred 2 dnevi
Break it down for me
Wlvrtnjm Pred 2 dnevi
#1 "I live my life a quarter mile at a time" No contest.
Wlvrtnjm Pred 2 dnevi
Vin Diesel is the 3rd most popular bald guy in his own franchise.
the zimra
the zimra Pred 2 dnevi
only one was good.... tokyo drift... the rest is cringy and painfully childish
Manuel Patterson
Manuel Patterson Pred 2 dnevi
Ejecto seato cuz?
Felix Skausig
Felix Skausig Pred 2 dnevi
The woman that’s laughing literally has the biggest crush on James
Pliant Impala785
Pliant Impala785 Pred 2 dnevi
Nah, Ronda Rousey saying "These parties bore me to tears" almost killed me in the cinema god that woman can't act.
Beeza2996 Pred 3 dnevi
I must love “cringy” lines because Donut’s pick for 2nd cringiest is my all-time favorite Fast & Furious movie.. I love the franchise as a whole but there’s just something about the OG film!
Khris Buenrostro
Khris Buenrostro Pred 3 dnevi
24:00 aint a gallo 24 an actual engine tho?
grifty mc grift
grifty mc grift Pred 3 dnevi
Your average stager 4wheel drive tractor is 680 horse ... just as reference ... 5000 horse lol
Majin Rvby
Majin Rvby Pred 3 dnevi
Granny shifting not double clutching like you should... Ultimate burn - Dom was saying his car is the equivalent of a 60's Peterbilt ;)
Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin Pred 3 dnevi
The Fast and The Furious (the first movie) is to car culture what Hackers was to hacker culture. Some purists hate them, but I actually love them because of their cheese. You have to take these movies for what they are, Hollywood fantasies, shut your brain off, and just enjoy.
Nameless Void
Nameless Void Pred 3 dnevi
Now lets rate your videos.
Brian Payne
Brian Payne Pred 3 dnevi
The first at least 4 (but probably 5), you cop out and just say “yeah, that’s what I was thinking.” What’s the matter, thinking of your own score is too complicated?
Ed Keenan
Ed Keenan Pred 3 dnevi
the crew laughing makes this video better 1000%%
manibanndz _
manibanndz _ Pred 3 dnevi
Y’all just made me wanna rewatch all these again 😂😂
Poop Newman
Poop Newman Pred 3 dnevi
These actors should be paid double for acting their lines with a straight face.
FernoXII Pred 3 dnevi
13:17 has to be the best reaction iv ever seen
FernoXII Pred 3 dnevi
I love her laugh =D
Emulator Retro
Emulator Retro Pred 3 dnevi
If you know fast and furious, b it wasn't an evo. It was an oz rally dressed up.
N M Pred 3 dnevi
ha ha ha ha hAaAAaaAAaAAAaaAaAaAAAAAa
BureizuMan Pred 3 dnevi
Doms rx7 is amazing tf are they on
Landen Kamer
Landen Kamer Pred 3 dnevi
Why do they hate the 3g eclipse so much😂😂
Rusty Pred 3 dnevi
My cringy-est line was Puzzy! Because he can't hold up to being crushed between two cars. That's some weak sauce right there cuz!
sav mug
sav mug Pred 3 dnevi
Cool, donut media has turned into woke donut media.
Jordan 23
Jordan 23 Pred 3 dnevi
“It doesn’t matter what’s under the hood it’s about who’s behind the wheel” ok I’m going to go and bet 100,000 that I’ll beat a Bugatti Chiron in a used 10 year old Ford Ka. I’m about to become rich. Edit: I WON! Thank you fast and furious! The person behind the wheel of the Chiron was a rich baby
Frenzy - TLOPO
Frenzy - TLOPO Pred 3 dnevi
Bruh the lady low key ruined a lot of money he jokes
TheGshocka Pred 4 dnevi
How did they not mention Vin’s Time to Unleash the Beast line, that’s a 10/10
Carl Sehestedt
Carl Sehestedt Pred 4 dnevi
How do you guys not get what granny shifting and double clutching is? Granny shifting is usually shifting slow and normal by pressing the clutch to the floor and grabbing the next gear while double clutching is for preserving syncronizers by pushing the clutch moving tge shifter to neutral releasing the clutch to slow the clutch down reapplying the clutch and grabbing the next gear
drunken mother
drunken mother Pred 4 dnevi
the old movies might be a cringe fest but I'll take NOS junkie Paul Walker over brainwashed Vin Diesel anyday
Ellard Kurvin
Ellard Kurvin Pred 4 dnevi
from pink slips to international espionage wtf happened to these movies
Ashlee Boston
Ashlee Boston Pred 4 dnevi
I absolutely love the woman laughing in the background. Made an already hilarious video even funnier.
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Pred 4 dnevi
dom said the n word at 19:46
King Dick dfw
King Dick dfw Pred 4 dnevi
Why are they so upset about the word "pussy"?
King Dick dfw
King Dick dfw Pred 4 dnevi
The cackling, so much cackling, who is the cackler? If you gonna have all the cackling going on you gotta clue us in on whos the cackler and why she is there?
sir cartier durrkkkx
sir cartier durrkkkx Pred 4 dnevi
JVP BeMe Pred 4 dnevi
Funny one of the biggest selling movies
NonoDonkey Pred 4 dnevi
The Fast and the Furious: "Yo I almost had you!" Fast and Furious: "it doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning's winning"
Olive Perry
Olive Perry Pred 4 dnevi
The threatening football transmurally agree because caravan perinatally slip circa a undesirable family. funny, kaput step-grandfather
Sajang Kim
Sajang Kim Pred 4 dnevi
The changeable blade biophysically load because brace pharmacokinetically book notwithstanding a maniacal death. mute, ashamed garage
Wherie Pred 4 dnevi
Who else heard the “nigga” he said @11:31
Riley O'sullivan
Riley O'sullivan Pred 4 dnevi
Yall dumb roman has one on in the derby
DIM SIB Pred 4 dnevi
DAMN THEY FORGOT ABOUT "Forget about it cuh"
johnny johnny
johnny johnny Pred 4 dnevi
''pOcKeTs AiNt EmPtY'' is another one, literally the way paul walker acts guetto in the movie is really cringey
T Kelvin
T Kelvin Pred 4 dnevi
KILLIIIN4K Pred 5 dnevi
what da point of making this video?😂
Darrell Gainer
Darrell Gainer Pred 5 dnevi
“The street always win” that is the dumbest shit I have ever heard
Phame28 Pred 5 dnevi
I watched 4 minutes and 18 seconds before realizing the commentary is far cringier than the actual moments in the movie they’re listing. Worst part is, the video doesn’t actually start until 3 minutes and 9 seconds, so I could only stomach 1 minute and 9 seconds before I had to close this garbage down.
ChristianZound Pred 5 dnevi
Can’t tell if the girl laughing in the background is a loop or laughing at the moment 😂
ChristianZound Pred 5 dnevi
If there is something more cringe. Where I work is Valvoline instant oil and we say vamily for family 😂 is on our handbook. Working there feels like a cult. If anyone works there you’ll understand.
Lxcz Pred 5 dnevi
It can be the cringiest franchise, but it'll always be my favorite since my childhood
Pulled Pork
Pulled Pork Pred 5 dnevi
Tokyo Drift is the best one
Charlie Nichols
Charlie Nichols Pred 5 dnevi
the fact they didnt include the “im in ya face” line when its the cringiest here
Dangit Daveyy
Dangit Daveyy Pred 5 dnevi
No thes. all cringe
Canuck Pred 5 dnevi
i just watched half this video before i realized they are wearing dom's necklace!
TwentySixHundred Pred 5 dnevi
Seriously the whole first movie is all you need for cringe worthy one liners...
Frederik ter Horst
Frederik ter Horst Pred 5 dnevi
The hyena in the background was the cringiest thing of all
Daddy Savage
Daddy Savage Pred 5 dnevi
Lmao as Co as this movie is it was Hella cringe 🤣🤣🤣🤣
AzNInVaShuN Pred 5 dnevi
Noooo!!! Monicaaaa!!
Steven Trogent
Steven Trogent Pred 5 dnevi
I dont find any of these cringe apart from like the first movie where brian speaks about respect is worth more or something where "he almost had him", these dudes are cringe and this is the first video ive watched of theirs, yall stupid
KILLIIIN4K Pred 5 dnevi
i never find it cringey because i watched it everyday
Dee Snutz
Dee Snutz Pred 5 dnevi
"The only films"
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