I Smell-Tested all 42 Little Tree Air Freshener scents

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Everyone knows those little tree car air fresheners... but which one is the best? And the worst? We wanted to find out, and it turns out they make over 40 different scents! So we bought every single one and smell tested all of them to find out. You're not supposed to take them all the way out of the bag but we did it anyway! This is the D-List!
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Bumpy21 Pred 46 minutami
They should make a little tree called Rust and it could smell like an old barn and metal
Peas &tanks
Peas &tanks Pred 5 urami
Why would you rank them 1-100??? Should have done least to best 1-42
Jessica Greisman
Jessica Greisman Pred 7 urami
I need a tree
Vodnik Dubs
Vodnik Dubs Pred 7 urami
“Cherry flavor” is usually based on the smell/taste of Benzaldehyde, usually found in cherries and almonds. It is in actual cherries but not as concentrated as the faux cherry flavorings.
JoCa Pred 10 urami
while drug addicts and junkies snort cocaine this is how a car guy gets high, by sniffing air fresheners and gas and maybe burnt tires from drifting or burnouts
Emilol 1001
Emilol 1001 Pred 10 urami
DaSracasticFish Pred 14 urami
Space smells like seared meat
Jordan Andrew Music
Jordan Andrew Music Pred 14 urami
My nose hurts just watching this.
Suola22 Pred 15 urami
They are copies of wunderbaums
Roland Lambert
Roland Lambert Pred 20 urami
So leather smells like the inside of a King Ranch😂😂😂😂😂
Z U Pred 20 urami
The best one is called Bold Embrace, it's a deep purple with a black lingerie design on it. Smells sexy af
Preston Hall
Preston Hall Pred 21 uro
he ranked the two best ones so low (Black ice and Caribbean Colada)
salvador trujillo
salvador trujillo Pred 22 urami
O0O Pred 23 urami
7:55 According to astronauts, space smells like hot metal and seared meat.
Austin Cato
Austin Cato Pred 23 urami
Why does he complain about them being strong when he practically inhales them everytime
scav nugget
scav nugget Pred 23 urami
i like the bourbon one
DaddySoggy Pred 23 urami
News: Little trees sues tree for copying shape of logo
Nick Morpus
Nick Morpus Pred dnevom
Glad I didn't get bourbon the other day. Got Black Ice. I actually like the smell. Of course, I still use old spice body wash, so yeah....
Braxton Guice
Braxton Guice Pred dnevom
leather is elite
Goofy 772
Goofy 772 Pred dnevom
I can’t have a rear view mirror. My engine shakes it off the windshield lols.
Hiidenlintu Band
Hiidenlintu Band Pred dnevom
Best thing in this episode: Doesn't have to hear this douche saying "hrsprshs".
Tl2004ever Pred dnevom
Skip to 20:30 for the winner.
Thomas Field
Thomas Field Pred dnevom
My sister Daisy is offended by your Daisy Fields comment.
CrankYankers86 Pred dnevom
Fresh Surge was the best
Diesel Dorris
Diesel Dorris Pred dnevom
I got over 400 Trees in my car 😂
Luka Vlog
Luka Vlog Pred dnevom
Wtf youtube onli 720
Logan Pred dnevom
Use VanillaRoma and Black Ice together. Thank me later.
Phucka Yumang
Phucka Yumang Pred dnevom
Black Ice is pretty good. Reminds me of my late "father" when we used to cruise around in his 1981 Z28 listening to Guns N' Roses and Billy Idol.
Gehrd Pred dnevom
Donut has gotta do a release of their pop up headlights track
cory chepke
cory chepke Pred dnevom
Someone else’s laundry 😂😂😂😂
Jens Stangnes
Jens Stangnes Pred dnevom
I have waunderbaum
Kathy Holmes
Kathy Holmes Pred dnevom
Black ice is 100!!
jaden martinez
jaden martinez Pred dnevom
just bought a car with no speakers or radio what do you recommend don’t really need radio service as i connect my phone for audio any amp and speaker packages anyone recommends
J.Kohl Pred dnevom
This is like watching those jewelry sale channels
Sir Wolf
Sir Wolf Pred 2 dnevi
Lol I actually use rain shine. 😂 Was surprised someone else liked it other than me. The stores I go to never have it. So I always have to order.
Mr.korkiakoski Pred 2 dnevi
If you could make one little tree what smell would it have? I would say burning tire or gasoline i love those smells
Hunter Mervyn
Hunter Mervyn Pred 2 dnevi
Lol where Dan I get that mustang plush thing
Hunter Mervyn
Hunter Mervyn Pred 2 dnevi
If I was doing this I would have a migraine half way trough
Matthew Phillip Prater
Matthew Phillip Prater Pred 2 dnevi
Matthew Phillip Prater
Matthew Phillip Prater Pred 2 dnevi
I’m just sitten back laughing while this man is getting high from little trees😂😂
Cole Zorn
Cole Zorn Pred 2 dnevi
It would cost like 60$ for all these man 😂😂
Walter Bryan
Walter Bryan Pred 2 dnevi
“It smells like a Now N Later that someone chewed on while they were smoking.”
lmk lmk
lmk lmk Pred 2 dnevi
The rabid chicken virtually look because deer immediately tumble minus a youthful march. substantial, petite gallon
Corty Pred 2 dnevi
Ah yes, Wunderbaum.
PAul BAu
PAul BAu Pred 2 dnevi
Why do I have 720P only option? Donut Stop Using Iphon for the vid?
Pat Duble
Pat Duble Pred 2 dnevi
Damn man! Didn’t even try blackberry Clove that’s my go to for these!!!
Spence Andretti
Spence Andretti Pred 2 dnevi
I literally have Black ice right now 😂😂 the only one I buy
YungYouTubeGod Pred 2 dnevi
Black Ice, and True North is the best combo of any of the tree's and it's not even close. Found this out early. You can thank me later! For any girls, i don't have any recommendation. As the combo is very much guy smelling when put together.
Allan Ramos
Allan Ramos Pred 2 dnevi
I left at Black ice...
Mahdy Omari
Mahdy Omari Pred 2 dnevi
Back up bro they're supposed to fill a whole car
PXL Bigfoot
PXL Bigfoot Pred 2 dnevi
I want some of them American flag ones
peppermaker Pred 2 dnevi
Dang I must have bad taste cause I liked the cotton candy.
sky_ w
sky_ w Pred 2 dnevi
I use black ice
xxXRedneckNinjaXxx Pred 2 dnevi
Am I the only one who thinks of high-schooler trucks for black ice? No clue how you would think BMW
GreekC4 Pred 2 dnevi
I can’t believe he didn’t like bourbon... I have like 5 of them in my c4
Martin 504
Martin 504 Pred 2 dnevi
Black ice is the best
Jayden Swafford
Jayden Swafford Pred 2 dnevi
shoulda got joe biden to sniff all them. heard he's good at sniffing things...
Matthew Phillip Prater
Matthew Phillip Prater Pred 2 dnevi
*trump with countless and credible rape allegations You: bUt BiDeN😭😭😭
ATM Pred 3 dnevi
Black Ice truly is awful YES I SAID IT
Alanson Sardina
Alanson Sardina Pred 3 dnevi
Rain shine sales after this 📈📈📈📈
Best_Taster Pred 3 dnevi
Fantastic idea, do more reviews.
Explodingtraps Pred 3 dnevi
I like sniffing tree's too, all different kinds
Sebastian Pedersen
Sebastian Pedersen Pred 3 dnevi
Ah yes the wünderbaum smell. It lives in my soul
nerd challenges Food
nerd challenges Food Pred 3 dnevi
Fresh Linen is my favorite one
just a chip off the iceberg
just a chip off the iceberg Pred 3 dnevi
The homies and i wouldnt mind the spray paint smelling one
Gigga G.
Gigga G. Pred 3 dnevi
Lost me after giving morning fresh a 20. That’s the best one.
How tf is vanilla above black icr
Markus Nordgård
Markus Nordgård Pred 3 dnevi
They are called wondebaum !
Dawns Redemption Gaming
Dawns Redemption Gaming Pred 3 dnevi
Bourbon is my favorite one out of the lot
RedGiant Pred 3 dnevi
So what youre saying is we got little trees because someone cried over spilled milk
Slam Shift
Slam Shift Pred 3 dnevi
"They all smell strong" Well no shit, you're only supposed to expose like, 1/4-1/3 of the tree at a time.
Nathan Hitesman
Nathan Hitesman Pred 2 dnevi
I was going to comment this exact thing.
Gerardo Diaz
Gerardo Diaz Pred 3 dnevi
Black ice is a certified c00chie magnet
Eric Yatsko
Eric Yatsko Pred 3 dnevi
Bring back cinnaberry
Dylan H
Dylan H Pred 3 dnevi
true norths my favorite
ViZioNMiChaELZx Pred 3 dnevi
Legit only watched to see how he would rate True North. My personal favorite. Not disappointed in the review, it's lit!
Gods of Destruction
Gods of Destruction Pred 3 dnevi
James blasting music Also James: finally peace and quiet
Sean Craven
Sean Craven Pred 2 dnevi
That's the joke
jacob vadeboncoeur
jacob vadeboncoeur Pred 4 dnevi
i got true north for my truck and it is very nice.
Ewan McLean
Ewan McLean Pred 4 dnevi
No amount of little trees will mask the unending fragrance I call “Hockey Equipment and Firewood”
Ruthless705 Pred 4 dnevi
How did you not have cotton candy! Very disapoint.
Ruthless705 Pred 4 dnevi
Cotton candy is my jam
Sergio Laguna
Sergio Laguna Pred 4 dnevi
The wheel rating video and this video seem like they’re getting it all wrong lol
David Haas
David Haas Pred 4 dnevi
As a Washington state resident, I think the north smells like rain, road salt, pine, and pot. But there are plenty of places farther north that here so maybe that’s not true farther north.
dave h
dave h Pred 4 dnevi
They worked on "7"
-Oreoオレオ Pred 4 dnevi
"Little tree air freshener" My man, it's wünderbaum.
David Arnold
David Arnold Pred 4 dnevi
Cotton candy = unicorn vomit I see that one way too often in customer cars. It will make you wish you had covid.
Tim Hoose
Tim Hoose Pred 4 dnevi
How can you give bubble gum a higher score than black ice bruh
M.K. McGill
M.K. McGill Pred 4 dnevi
Kinda disappointed to not see Cherry Kiss on this list tbh. Guess you can’t get it from the website. I drove a cherry red S10 in high school and consistently bought Cherry Kiss Little Trees with Coronado Cherry California Scents wafer tins from AutoZone. I had a habit of not throwing the old ones away and the truck still has hints of cherry 10 years later, despite the fact that I haven’t bought one since probably 2014.
M.K. McGill
M.K. McGill Pred 4 dnevi
Kinda disappointed to not see Cherry Kiss on this list tbh. Guess you can’t get it from the website. I drove a cherry red S10 in high school and consistently bought Cherry Kiss Little Trees with Coronado Cherry California Scents wafer tins from AutoZone. I had a habit of not throwing the old ones away and the truck still has hints of cherry 10 years later, despite the fact that I haven’t bought one since probably 2014.
Alex Lujan
Alex Lujan Pred 4 dnevi
Try smelling all the California scents for the cars
Philip Jin
Philip Jin Pred 4 dnevi
Why am i sniffing with him
blackheavyblans Pred 4 dnevi
Where's Victory Lane? It's my favourite. I have it In my 96' vento. Every time when I hop in the car, it feels I'm sitting in a freaking race car.
Dominic Allen
Dominic Allen Pred 4 dnevi
The first one I literally have on the mirror in my 06 charger rt
Nameis Metatoo
Nameis Metatoo Pred 4 dnevi
lmao "Someone else's laundry" ...idk why but detergent just smells different when its other people's clothes
Someone In The Crowd
Someone In The Crowd Pred 3 dnevi
There's also a phenomenon of the "foreign kid's laundry", which smells like detergent bought in bulk somewhere. I know it's kinda racist, but that smell is real.
Ryan Ridout
Ryan Ridout Pred 4 dnevi
Bourbon is the best
Ren Hopez
Ren Hopez Pred 4 dnevi
Little trees Do your own smells Little Donuts
Sajang Kim
Sajang Kim Pred 4 dnevi
The loving violet intriguingly admire because enemy periodically puncture among a glossy brown. nice, unaccountable flower
LLM Kursk
LLM Kursk Pred 4 dnevi
Later in the summer, Little Trees introduces the 43rd scent: DONUT SHOP! But seriously, James better review any new scents this time next year.
Adam Zagaar
Adam Zagaar Pred 5 dnevi
8:44 so true. 🤣
Mike Chavez
Mike Chavez Pred 5 dnevi
OK, starting off, you're hating on the 1952 bourbon scent. it starts off too strong, but after the first day in the car the smell it gives off is really nice.
Jaydon Larry
Jaydon Larry Pred 5 dnevi
blackberry clove is the bomb
Xavier Wolfe
Xavier Wolfe Pred 5 dnevi
can you please make an up to speed video on the Porsche 944
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