Who Keeps Ditching Supercars in the Desert?

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Something strange is happening in Dubai. The desert oasis is home to some of the most extravagant architecture, people and CARS in the world. But someone is abandoning their cars in the desert, sometimes with the keys still in the ignition Who is responsible? Wealthy Sheikhs? Rich kids? Or is something else going on? We’re gonna find out.
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Juan Manuel Penaloza
Juan Manuel Penaloza Pred mesecem
Cars: I don't like sand. It's rough, coarse and irritating. And it gets everywhere.
knoeknakno 8
knoeknakno 8 Pred 12 dnevi
Sorry i dont get it
Crazy Contraptions
Crazy Contraptions Pred 15 dnevi
@Dynamite Gaming Please stop.
Toucan •
Toucan • Pred 15 dnevi
Sand dunes: "It's over! I have the high ground!"
John Smith
John Smith Pred 17 dnevi
@JDM B1RD I know
Joe Maddox
Joe Maddox Pred 18 dnevi
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Marklithikk Pred 2 urami
Oh, it's not JUST spoiled kids but it's mostly the curle political ideology masquerading as a religion Islam. Thanks Islam, you never fail to find new ways to ruin the world.
chakowe Pred 3 urami
It’s me; I’m the one ditching super cars in the desert
Syn0psis 1
Syn0psis 1 Pred 5 urami
If you had lots of money and some good contacts you could start a pretty good import business.
Blind Sight
Blind Sight Pred 5 urami
I saw a gold vending machine in Las Vegas years ago in one of their casinos. I went back a day later to find it and buy some gold from the machine.... couldn't find it, got tired of walking around trying to figure out where I spotted it. 😤 I wanted to video my gold purchase.
Fin Mueller
Fin Mueller Pred 9 urami
I literally cannot go to the middle east due to being gay Which sucks :( I really want to go and see the sights and know the cultures
Heavy Pred 10 urami
Imagine being so rich you start dumping your extremely expensive and rare cars just to flex
Leo Amago
Leo Amago Pred 14 urami
Boys time to go the desert 🏎️💨💨💨
Isaac Flores
Isaac Flores Pred 20 urami
I am not a big fan of supercars but the plymouth prowler is the car i would buy from dubi
Endless Infinity
Endless Infinity Pred 22 urami
My friend knows someone who had to flee the UAE due to insane debt he had defaulted on. He had two Porsches (a 4S and a Cayman), a Bentley, and a nice house. Made some bad investments, and several months later he was back in Texas. Left the 911 at the airport and the other two in his garage when he left.
claudiu ivaniuc
claudiu ivaniuc Pred 22 urami
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Minh Nguyen Viet Quang
Minh Nguyen Viet Quang Pred dnevom
Can people stop filming dusty car in garages and say it’s abandoned? There is a lot of sand where they are. Meaning a car can get dusty after a few hours not to mention a few minutes after a sandstorm.
GamingWithDušan 23
GamingWithDušan 23 Pred dnevom
The title: I do you got a problem with that. Its a hobby
Soup Pred dnevom
When you don’t have $1000 to pay your assistant to get your impounded vehicle
Johan Thøgersen
Johan Thøgersen Pred dnevom
can we just talk about 90 mil dollars a day? idk seems a little insane
carlos Pred dnevom
Some random dude: You know what.. I'm going to leave a literal F1 racing car in the desert.
Elvira Pred dnevom
wow advertising crap earbuds wow
lic2kil007 Pred dnevom
Yes you don't want to be incarcerated in Dubai especially if your from another country.
Amr480 A
Amr480 A Pred dnevom
U could sell the car. U make sharia law look so bad bruh 😤😤😤😤
biden sniffs kids
biden sniffs kids Pred 2 dnevi
Sharia law is worse than cancer
Jones 0
Jones 0 Pred 2 dnevi
Flood in the dessert !?!?
Riot Ninja
Riot Ninja Pred 2 dnevi
Shout out to the Plymouth Prowler that made it into this video. You did it bud.
Jay Roney
Jay Roney Pred 2 dnevi
I wonder if me pulling up in my 1998 Chevy s10 would be a flex
Born 2 Lose
Born 2 Lose Pred 2 dnevi
6:58 that funny []~( ̄▽ ̄)~* Warren Buffet once said " When buy something you don't need , you end up leaving it in DUBAI"
Blake Stephenson
Blake Stephenson Pred 2 dnevi
хаи Pred 2 dnevi
"How do I buy one?" Random Dad: Get a job doofus
Liquid Pixels
Liquid Pixels Pred 3 dnevi
Car: *runs out of gas* Arabian Prince: "welp, that's it for that car, time to buy a new one!"
carlos Pred dnevom
A formula one racing car doe.. the tires last 50 miles and it looks like the tires on the picture shown are fine, so that just seems crazy
That Guy Omar
That Guy Omar Pred dnevom
They be changing cars every month
InfaRed Pred 3 dnevi
Jag looks dope
madara Pred 3 dnevi
Bro I will hunt for cars in dubai than . Like cars with open doors and key included . I m tearing up now. I will drive to a less localised area . I will take those engines apart and take them by pieces . And will only leave a husk of a car .
Gary Storm
Gary Storm Pred 3 dnevi
Our only Refuge and Hope is in the Son of God. He spoke Truth Forever. Please Pray for everyone every day. Prayer heals...
SpaRk_City Pred 3 dnevi
1:42 Video Starts then(Raycon ad or smth)
Horizon Studios
Horizon Studios Pred 3 dnevi
I would love to restore them ...if i have money
jbritto Pred 3 dnevi
2:31 what Khalifa? Mia?
Join or Die
Join or Die Pred 4 dnevi
that jaguar.....
QATAR_08 Pred 4 dnevi
Incorrect info in this video : 1- Dubai rules is not according to the islamic "Shra" law 2- Dubai a state with their own ruler not a city.
Troll Gaming
Troll Gaming Pred 4 dnevi
What about the Toyota F1 car, WHY IS IT THERE??!
Chikkos Pred 4 dnevi
they should start a repo show out in Dubai
Rezirre Pred 4 dnevi
raycons are horrible, dont buy!
Nathanroot Pred 4 dnevi
FYI, Dubai police never chase people in any car let alone a super car cop car.
halcyonandon Pred 5 dnevi
I hope Dubai sinks into the ocean.
bananaempijama Pred 5 dnevi
Super rich of course
Doc Tyler
Doc Tyler Pred 5 dnevi
My father went to Saudi Arabia in a 70's and he told me about rolls royces and Mercedes Benz's smashed into each other, laying on the side of the road or perfectly good cars just parked in the desert. Sometimes with just a flat tire! 😱
Digipixle Pred 5 dnevi
I haven’t even watched the video and my answer is: The trust fund babies of the Middle East...and I already know I’m correct, that’s the sad part lmao
Stanley Patrickson
Stanley Patrickson Pred 5 dnevi
The belligerent bulb distinctly excite because child reassuringly bathe about a tasteful streetcar. inquisitive, quarrelsome rabbit
aj m
aj m Pred 5 dnevi
You make 90k a year but cannot afford 30k ?
Ankit • 2020 seconds ago
Ankit • 2020 seconds ago Pred 5 dnevi
Well new is new 😂
Cameron swan
Cameron swan Pred 5 dnevi
Its the sand people with all their oil money that will run out soon.
Ekunafe Smith
Ekunafe Smith Pred 5 dnevi
The blushing resolution lily rule because love methodologically decay since a absorbing oboe. pushy, voiceless jumbo
a 6
a 6 Pred 5 dnevi
Lmao you get the hell out of dubai
Shiro Surfer
Shiro Surfer Pred 5 dnevi
That running away actually did make sense
Carlos Slugs
Carlos Slugs Pred 5 dnevi
I would dissassemble it and build a ghost version
Rashad Glover
Rashad Glover Pred 5 dnevi
90k is rich!
rdillon517 Pred 6 dnevi
OMG sporting the 19" tv VCR combo
agustin hidalgo
agustin hidalgo Pred 6 dnevi
Cuz right people can
NotA Medic
NotA Medic Pred 6 dnevi
Lol sharia law you know dubai dont like gay and whitepeople and blavl5 asia peopla
Kamote Banana
Kamote Banana Pred 6 dnevi
what about super bikes? are they being left in the sand too?
UndercoverMeow Pred 6 dnevi
There is a Abandoned GTR Nismo in the parking lot of my apartment
Yard Sale Dale
Yard Sale Dale Pred 6 dnevi
GTA oil city
Freddy C
Freddy C Pred 7 dnevi
Ok another SLpostr re showing content from a previous SLpostr
thomas aquinas
thomas aquinas Pred 7 dnevi
I don't know, but sure would like his business card. He can dump any unwanted exotic in my yard 24/7. Free parking, too...
Taelor Watson
Taelor Watson Pred 7 dnevi
That's me I'm kind of forgetful I park one of my super cars and then I forget where I left it
My New Life
My New Life Pred 7 dnevi
Biden Diversity Strikes Syria
Warning: BFG-10,000 is Hiring
Warning: BFG-10,000 is Hiring Pred 6 dnevi
Based and war criminal pilled.
赤嶺みゆき Pred 7 dnevi
I'm sorry is this some sort of rich person joke i'm too poor to understand?
red carpet
red carpet Pred 7 dnevi
Well I know where I'm going for the holidays
Avinash Tavares
Avinash Tavares Pred 7 dnevi
I think there is more value in the parts rather than the whole car
Leo Pred 7 dnevi
Cameron Pred 7 dnevi
I think I’m bout to STEAL
The Tiefling Fox
The Tiefling Fox Pred 8 dnevi
If no one claims them and it's abbandon, no one will mind me taking one.
Blitz Donner
Blitz Donner Pred 8 dnevi
Buying it? I would steal one
supertrucky Pred 8 dnevi
Sad to see these cars wasted. If I let it, it can actually bother me a liittle bit... almost like one of those commercials where you want to help rejected dogs... except here it's cars. #savetehsupers
Palm TopTiger
Palm TopTiger Pred 8 dnevi
Is it possible to just take it😂😂
Monis Ateeque
Monis Ateeque Pred 8 dnevi
You have wrongly connected the Sharia law with incarceration for 'Late Payments'. Its just that in UAE, it's very easy to get fired by your employer. And atleast till 2009, getting loan in UAE was just too easy. So, when you lose your job and your debt is much higher than your savings, leaving the country seems to be a no brainer for most people. And that's what a lot of people (expats) have done in UAE. Thousands of high end cars collecting dust in parking lots, and impound lots. So the Banks try to be extra cautious and alert the authorities to be watchful for the expats who have already missed their loan payment for a month or two, and who have reached airport to fly out of UAE. So this is nothing connected with Sharia Law, it's just the Banks and their Govt trying to reduce loan default.
Tyreese Gordon
Tyreese Gordon Pred 8 dnevi
Nigga flew over to the damn desert in my cargobob robbed straight from dxb
Tyreese Gordon
Tyreese Gordon Pred 8 dnevi
Uno why because I fucking can ok
Tyreese Gordon
Tyreese Gordon Pred 8 dnevi
I keep ditching them
Tyreese Gordon
Tyreese Gordon Pred 8 dnevi
andy simpson
andy simpson Pred 8 dnevi
Missing a car payment in Saudi Arabia is punishable with a jail sentence, and not a light one either. The vast majority of these cars areabandoned by foreign workers leaving the country, and they sit for decades collecting dust as no-one can touch them as he owner will be arrested if he returned for defaulting on payment(s). Islamic/sharia law...
WhizKid Interviews America.
WhizKid Interviews America. Pred 8 dnevi
Anyone else listening to how to buy for the Toyota F1
Hitesh Sharma Rachuru
Hitesh Sharma Rachuru Pred 8 dnevi
8:16 thank me later. This is where he talks about how to buyem
Mr. തക്കുടു
Mr. തക്കുടു Pred 8 dnevi
fortyjayseven Pred 9 dnevi
Probably Frank Ocean
Jake Ingram
Jake Ingram Pred 9 dnevi
Love the grateful dead shirt!
Abdul Baasith J
Abdul Baasith J Pred 9 dnevi
I wanna be a cop in Dubai so bad now😜🤣
Matt Bort
Matt Bort Pred 9 dnevi
that formula 1, is not a real one, it's a kit
Apa cu Clor
Apa cu Clor Pred 9 dnevi
1:52 a lot of Dacia Logan
Imtiyaz Maruf
Imtiyaz Maruf Pred 9 dnevi
Why dislikes though
Humaid Kids
Humaid Kids Pred 9 dnevi
Im from uae and in dubi
Joshua Pred 9 dnevi
This is old you can mostly find these cars in Dubai it's just that the car repair cost too much money so they just dip it and buy another one
zcribe Pred 9 dnevi
TLDR these backwards people run debters prisons and people prefer to just leave the country.
//// AMG
//// AMG Pred 9 dnevi
There laws different u can’t pay u leave the country it’s illegal not to pay your debt over there
Nathan Everson
Nathan Everson Pred 10 dnevi
Its post Malone fans : )
StereoSoundAgent Pred 10 dnevi
When i visited Dubai 11 years ago, the biggest bummer was that there was literally 0 weed anywhere. It was the most sober week of my life I think at 19. Actually, thats not entirely true because I got to drink for a majority of that week since super high end places never checked my ID. I probably looked 16. It wasn't until the last day that I got carded and denied. Even still, update your weed laws Dubai. All that bs hookah smoke will only leave you with lung cancer.
Shadow Life
Shadow Life Pred 10 dnevi
I live in UAE and saw....a lot of supercars Been loving here for 11 years
omar 00
omar 00 Pred 10 dnevi
So much misleading information
Rick Flair
Rick Flair Pred 10 dnevi
Se py
Se py Pred 10 dnevi
I'll be more than happy with $90,000,000/YR.
Killer Kickz
Killer Kickz Pred 10 dnevi
The impartial shelf basically hang because chill secondly bury amid a extra-large extra-small exuberant poet. absorbed, moaning bolt
randomshitbyme Pred 10 dnevi
Soo can you take the cars?
Short Memes
Short Memes Pred 10 dnevi
I bought an damaged Aston Martin One-77 for $150,000 and the total repair cost was around $300,000. Given that, I bought it for around $450,000 while the actual price is $1.87 million
Greg Rose Sykes
Greg Rose Sykes Pred 10 dnevi
Oil rich
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