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Xp Projects
Xp Projects Pred 13 urami
Richard Campos
Richard Campos Pred 13 urami
So obvious .. Tesla wont go away .. damm I have to be a " me electric too" company .. just in case people find out the engine tech is from the 70s and ford and gm been padding wall street for decades. Soon as they go bankrupt and realise that monopolies are just dirtbags the better
pfrudi Pred 13 urami
Artie Shell
Artie Shell Pred 13 urami
As with every donut video, I never want it to end.
HarryHardCore Pred 13 urami
Should have called it a "Forevy"
david macko
david macko Pred 13 urami
Rubberneck is caused by the fact by law u have to slow down when passing a pulled over car and I thought u knew about cars
Arvind Surwase
Arvind Surwase Pred 13 urami
But you didnt talk about the change in gravitational force as you move away from the surface😲
farouk krendi
farouk krendi Pred 13 urami
Mow powa Babe
Aman Samuel
Aman Samuel Pred 13 urami
E46 M3 is love from nfs most wanted 😍😍😍❤❤❤
Mark MD
Mark MD Pred 13 urami
Nice one 👏👍
Kuba Sztorc
Kuba Sztorc Pred 13 urami
usa is so far behind that it has to use things like ridgewallet lol
Athul S Kumar
Athul S Kumar Pred 13 urami
Zack said this car was a win in prior episodes 😹. Wonder Why James wanna swap it
Anneleen55 Pred 13 urami
Taylan Pred 13 urami
SLpost most exciting project car ??? You certainly didn't heard of the 1000hp multipla project from Vilbrequin, shame ..
Stefwan Pred 13 urami
Feunah Galbo
Feunah Galbo Pred 13 urami
Its james’ laugh for me HAHAHAH
Feunah Galbo
Feunah Galbo Pred 13 urami
Its james’ laugh for me HAHAHAH
tec738caf ;dik'fac
tec738caf ;dik'fac Pred 13 urami
Day 176 of asking James to do an Up to speed on his Dad
Blitzboy Gaming
Blitzboy Gaming Pred 13 urami
Yeah!!! Catfish made it to outer space!!
david macko
david macko Pred 13 urami
U miss a turn fucking accept it
Jason Albino
Jason Albino Pred 13 urami
"we'll be done by lunch" so he says......lunch 3 days later 😂
Sherman Harris
Sherman Harris Pred 14 urami
4:55 I have taken a hood off by myself
Sherman Harris
Sherman Harris Pred 14 urami
I had to swap the engine in my Neon due to catastrophic failure. But since I didn't do any preventative maintenance before putting the used engine in, I've got a whole different set of issues.
Bryn Harper
Bryn Harper Pred 14 urami
possibly the best channel I have discovered in lock down
david macko
david macko Pred 14 urami
Idk the red flag sounds good every female In my family has crashed a car but none of us males "no I don't mean it but yes this is true:
Leon Pred 14 urami
The Sony car is kinda like a PlayStation, but more mobile than stationary... PlayMobile if you want.
Chase Walsh
Chase Walsh Pred 14 urami
This somehow makes me miss my first time pulling an engine.
Raaed Amhar
Raaed Amhar Pred 14 urami
Turbo kit coming lets go!!!!
Dong Pred 14 urami
2RZ 2.4L or 3RZ 2.7L swap.
Adam Kubacki
Adam Kubacki Pred 14 urami
Donut, please hear me out - did you paint Nolan's face JUST for the sake of 2 sec scene ? :D
JDKOSEN Pred 14 urami
Im watching this after i watched the plasti dip episode, they showed the color of the car when nolan said “ugh, its so bad dude.”
ItzGKgaming Pred 14 urami
I watch these kind of stuff even tho I don’t have a car 😂😂😂
al ha kaifak
al ha kaifak Pred 14 urami
why all this donuts have to talk is such anoying way and not just talk straight to the point
Garage Built
Garage Built Pred 14 urami
Removed and installed hood on my Datsun by myself, so that's not so hard :-D
es Pred 14 urami
Topic like this just tell us how the suspension works I'm trying to throw in so much charisma at a certain point it just becomes too much and takes away from the quality of this type of content
es Pred 14 urami
he's trying to throw into much Charisma I just came here to try to learn how suspensions were intentionally inflated Charisma has taken away from the value of discontent of myself watching it
Mihaly Klaj
Mihaly Klaj Pred 14 urami
One of my favourite episodes yet. You boys and girls need to do more group projects together. This is a real best friends vibe. (Wholesomeness)
j jon
j jon Pred 14 urami
i would pay him in Canadian Tire money just to be mean since he would have to go to Canada to spend it !!!
just chillin'
just chillin' Pred 14 urami
My dad told me to learn how to disconnecting an engine,so i guess this is the best video for me to learn,since i'm a beginner.
Nebs Pred 14 urami
Hos is GM late to the electric game? Didn't they make an electric car more than 10 years ago no one bought?
RetroSimon Pred 14 urami
Hearsepower lol
Big Hygiene
Big Hygiene Pred 14 urami
So the wiring harness was the true kentucky kobra?
DomiDomDom Pred 14 urami
TONIGHT James washes his hands Zach sits in a chair And Nolan looks at the camera
RblxArsenel Pred 14 urami
Call 911
Jarsh McStuffins
Jarsh McStuffins Pred 14 urami
And the media blames the "far-alt right"......👌
chas barnes
chas barnes Pred 14 urami
I did take the hood off my 85 gmc shortbed truck by myself..yes it was a B**ch an no i dont wanna put your hood on your car..keep up the good work james
carlos ayuso las lenguas
carlos ayuso las lenguas Pred 14 urami
Question here. (I’ll pay my $10 buying some merch of course!) is not easier just to remove the bumper?
silver1 Pred 14 urami
Where mb w124 or volvo 740/940
Clint buzybert
Clint buzybert Pred 14 urami
Volvo for life
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Pred 14 urami
What’s the point of the dude stealing a car when he can run faster than the car with that running technique
Mr. Dyen
Mr. Dyen Pred 14 urami
one of my new favorite videios from donut
Zain Pred 14 urami
wholesome james moment 🤴
Unofficial A’s podcast
Unofficial A’s podcast Pred 14 urami
Glenn Palmer
Glenn Palmer Pred 14 urami
Might be an ass for pointing this out but... Putting a trueno badge on a left hand drive car. Kinda weird man.
Nizen Pred 14 urami
lol i yesterday removed hood and even attached it next day by myself only u weak
Alex DeShazo
Alex DeShazo Pred 14 urami
Memphis boys! I just bought my first 350z a few weeks ago. Covid has changed how we do lots of things at the hospital.
Grant Martin
Grant Martin Pred 14 urami
I build yota engines in a factory
A Nxmb::.
A Nxmb::. Pred 14 urami
Not car related but I just seen in a TV show called arrested development and man the tears that if I’ve shared from that beautiful acting 🥲
Graham Meyer
Graham Meyer Pred 14 urami
That shirt is based af
Enes Polatdemir
Enes Polatdemir Pred 14 urami
Burdan babuşa selam olsun huzur içinde yat Altın Kalpli Adam bir nesile motosikleti sevdirdin aramızdan çok erken ayrıldın...
Odesza Pred 14 urami
14:36 james reaction while seeing my man seig heil lol
Nunya Business
Nunya Business Pred 14 urami
Ride with a trucker. You'll see it all
Tom Reimer
Tom Reimer Pred 14 urami
What is that hooded lab coat and where can I buy one with donut logos on it
mikey Pred 14 urami
Doing 100km down highway in my 72 beetle feels like your going 100mph
HONEY KUN Pred 14 urami
Cant believe that Cadillacs were in the bible
Cody Moody
Cody Moody Pred 14 urami
just wanna say ill pull your hood off next time, ive always done it myself! LMAO
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor Pred 14 urami
If you're gonna put a nice engine, make the bay nice or change paint down the road, PLEASE paint the engine bay while the engine is out.
zerxis blances
zerxis blances Pred 14 urami
Is that a *SUPRA*
Jeff Henning
Jeff Henning Pred 14 urami
In his defense??? It had no Oil Pressure and almost went 100 in the 1/8! They knew it didn't have any oil pressure and still did a burn out like that??? Sounds like some rich yuppies to me... That's such an expensive motor that got SMOKED! The way it locked up, that crank probably seized! A real car guy would of cracked that beaut open and gave her uh sexy spit shine. Pitiful excuse for "car guys"
Robert Venus
Robert Venus Pred 14 urami
The other factor, not considered here, is the restrictions on engine capacity in China. Most of these knockoffs have smaller engines... because the Chinese can't run a higher power engine without financial penalties. Chinese colleagues in automotive explained to me years ago that if only international manufacturers would make for the Chinese market... they'd make a killing. Because they choose not to... you get the knockoffs as average Joe in China can't afford to own the higher power equivalents.
Corey Holden
Corey Holden Pred 14 urami
Can't wait guys love your work
Chris Floyd
Chris Floyd Pred 14 urami
Nice haircut m'dude
Igor Nikachin
Igor Nikachin Pred 14 urami
Bart come back
Alexander Stedman
Alexander Stedman Pred 14 urami
That four leaf clover is about to start a lawsuit with quadrifoglio
patricia ryan
patricia ryan Pred 14 urami
Chris Floyd
Chris Floyd Pred 14 urami
My first car was a 97 Accord. It was reliable and I loved it
dull days
dull days Pred 14 urami
Bald Pumphrey
Tech Support
Tech Support Pred 14 urami
No up too speed in four months. 👎🏻
lazy pie
lazy pie Pred 15 urami
youre supposedto have help removing a bonnet?
piyak binyak-yak
piyak binyak-yak Pred 15 urami
1:57 wide car