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Pred 7 dnevi
Is this a good idea?
Is a Digital Dash Worth It?
jeff parrish
jeff parrish Pred 2 urami
Yall lucky I love yall..cause matter should be at least in the top 20's
Jurbimus Perkules
Jurbimus Perkules Pred 2 urami
On behalf of us Finns, Finland is not scandinavian, though we don't really care but we like pointing that out
Jake Williams
Jake Williams Pred 2 urami
I did not see a " my dads neighbor had one of these " comment
Jmariii Pred 2 urami
my mums renault koleos 2011 would absolutely dominate this list
Ian Garay
Ian Garay Pred 2 urami
Im in love
dewalims Pred 2 urami
It's like watching Tony Stark trial while he revealing Hammer scams
dimitri lopez
dimitri lopez Pred 2 urami
F body Camaro<<<<F body firebird
ClassicFoolXD Pred 2 urami
i just take the wheels off and put them in my back pocket works like a charm
snowboarder2017 Pred 2 urami
Sorry, the baddest truck is the notorious GMC Syclone.
wheredidileavemycell Pred 2 urami
I bought a 96 Corolla from my mechanic for 187$ worth of 9mm ammo. Only had 87k original miles but boooooi, needed to rebuild brakes, master brake cylinder, timing and accessory belt, vc gasket, oil pump seal, fried radio, and busted lights ... about 1300 spent on restoration. Still need 2 engine mounts, 4 tires and all struts replaced. Another 500 and she's goodddd
chaton roux
chaton roux Pred 2 urami
i want to ls swap my toyota celica and make the engine sound like a ferrari
fxdc2008 Pred 2 urami
this thing looks like a 914 mixed with a pickup trunk trunk.can,t explain
DiRT3Xbox360 Pred 2 urami
poor 540i e39 :(
Paul H & friends
Paul H & friends Pred 2 urami
Sweet. I want the exhaust tips!
jar jar binks
jar jar binks Pred 2 urami
Did they call it a hot rod a? LMAO
Ryguy Pred 2 urami
Silver dodge magnum srt8
James Jones
James Jones Pred 2 urami
Do this more often.
jar jar binks
jar jar binks Pred 2 urami
LOL the guy in the Challenger thought he was so cool until he turned his head
Shamrock USA
Shamrock USA Pred 2 urami
Will vacuum actuated cutouts still work on a boosted vehicle?
Daniel Lozano
Daniel Lozano Pred 2 urami
Hold up that’s a Toyota ! I need an explanation don’t disrespect.
tigerpjm Pred 2 urami
Driven them all but confess that my mid-engine experience was an MR-2, and rear engine experience was a VW Beetle. Mister Two was an absolute hoot to drive fast, and the Beetle proved that you don't have to drive all that fast to nearly die. Let's face it though... FWD is the absolute pits. It's designed for people for whom a car is just an appliance like a washing machine or refrigerator. My current car is an 2018 W176 A45 AMG with some.... tasteful mods. It's a nice car, but the crappy torsen clutch AWD is too much like FWD for me. It's the nicest car I've owned, the fastest and the least involving to drive. Next car is an Alfa Giulia QV. Cannot wait! Real men drive RWD... Other than that, put the engine wherever you like.
Juanson Youtube
Juanson Youtube Pred 2 urami
This was the FIRST time I didn’t skip through the paid promotion
yaboyshelz Pred 2 urami
I will say hands down these are the most entertaining car videos I've come across on SLpost. I hope you guys do another season
malice beast
malice beast Pred 2 urami
This is some gta shit
Eric Valverde Rosado
Eric Valverde Rosado Pred 2 urami
V8's are not disappearing at all, they get smaller and have turbos tho...(at least in supercar industry)
Simon Paillé
Simon Paillé Pred 2 urami
*Can you Guys do up to speed on the known car brand: UAZ*
Christian Paul Pernia
Christian Paul Pernia Pred 2 urami
Why aren't you yelling in this video? It's weird
Generxl_Shxdow3 Pred 2 urami
F1 cars go 20,000 rpm
Zach Mundy
Zach Mundy Pred 2 urami
I would run use a perarri as my getaway car
Carsten Doyle
Carsten Doyle Pred 2 urami
350z is better and if you don’t think so ur wrong
Eric Valverde Rosado
Eric Valverde Rosado Pred 2 urami
This with a good set of Vossen's and is FIRE (maybe new pipes)
Poorly Drawn Blank Face
Poorly Drawn Blank Face Pred 2 urami
Can we all agree that pickup truck drivers are the literal worst at not using their turn signals?
Cameron swan
Cameron swan Pred 2 urami
Wd40 isn't a lubricant dude.... its a water displacement solvent. Don't use wd40 as a lubricant.
steam buns
steam buns Pred 2 urami
in the philippines, car scenes are pretty legit. lots of known well cars and the community is pretty nice.
Jared Hall
Jared Hall Pred 2 urami
But bumping up minimum wage is a bad idea.... /s
Gus The bus
Gus The bus Pred 2 urami
For me those miata slippers are boat teir
KEITH KUHN Pred 2 urami
Good stuff I just subscribed.
Rodney Ward
Rodney Ward Pred 2 urami
I prefer pioneer and Kenwood as head units. Pioneer lost me a bit in the early to late 2000s. I have cds and I like them. The pioneers after just a few days of use would require tweezers or some such to remove cd. I have found in my life that both of their mid units perform extremely well. The others are made to say yo I got 700$ head unit
denzzlinga Pred 2 urami
They should try Nascar on the Nordschleife :D that would by super awesome
joseph Quigs
joseph Quigs Pred 2 urami
rc engines tho
Kyle Willis
Kyle Willis Pred 2 urami
I didnt i love em :) especially the ranchero version
REJEKT_ Pred 2 urami
The ford mustang from the need for speed movie
kira asuka
kira asuka Pred 2 urami
jet engine and fighter engine come to talk. Most of them are around or above 20k rpm
Dylan Harper
Dylan Harper Pred 2 urami
GMC= General Motors of Canada Pretty sure that’s ours. As well as Chevy, cadillac and hummer. All owned by GMC
Ponkypink! Pred 2 urami
Its all in opinions, in my opinion, the Egg is better
Duty Pred 2 urami
The Germans stepping in making shit complex af.
Berber Ferber
Berber Ferber Pred 2 urami
So that’s why the 90s looked so weird?
Devin Breedlove
Devin Breedlove Pred 2 urami
I freaking love this channel.
bretton foster
bretton foster Pred 2 urami
"Parking enforcement here is brutal.. if you're over by 1 min you're basically screwed" - proceeds to show video of expired meter for over an hour..... yeah ok bud.
Anthony Stauble
Anthony Stauble Pred 3 urami
The pumphrey 502? Is that what he said his cars name was? 502 as in louisville, I knew he was from Kentucky, but I didn't know if he was from lville or not, like I am , Idk let me know what you ask think he said his cars name was, or if the Kentucky cobra wants to answer himself that would be welcome! Go Cards! And cars! Lol
Alfarosi Yoga Arsita
Alfarosi Yoga Arsita Pred 3 urami
Panigale never win wsbk championship
Chad Dotson
Chad Dotson Pred 3 urami
Why didnt you just make a new bracket?
Naddly Pred 3 urami
So is that a supra?